Hello! Welcome to my blog. My name is Diana, if you didn’t know already, and this is my virtual home–a place I spend more time at than my real home–I’m not entirely sure how that is possible, but it is. I’m sure I can say what I love to blog about, and the history of my blogging, and the amazing companies I've collaborated with, but let's be honest, let me tell you what you're really getting yourself into. I do this for a living, and even after years of blogging, writing about yourself sounds pretentious, but let's just go with it. 

I live in SoCal, in a pink house, in the suburbs but I really miss living in a city. I love reading, getting emotionally attached to fictional characters, to words, to syntax, to prose. I love music. I love the lyrics, the composition, the timbre and the style. I believe in a good closet. I can decide who I want to be when I get dressed in the morning. I believe God loves with no conditions, with all my faults, shortcomings and brokenness. I'm happily married to a professional writer but I'll be the first to admit marriage is hard, especially to a brooding writer, but it’s rewarding; it's really just a sleepover with your best friend, but with lots of good sex. 

I have days when I am really sad and I miss my son but I believe I'll see him again. He died in 2013 but I try to wake up each day and live for him, through him, and make him proud. He’d be so embarrassed of his mom anyways. Mordecai Max, you still have cowlicks in heaven. I also have days when I’m obnoxiously grateful for my life; like the kind you see on Pinterest posters, and you mentally roll your eyes. Those days are the best, and so undeserving. Sometimes I feel like I’m wasting them, like I should be doing more, but ultimately, I am right here, right where I’m supposed to be (even if it’s spending hours on Tumblr reblogging Mindy Kaling gifs). I don’t consider myself the voice of infant loss; what crazy pressure to represent that kind of heartache, but I do write about it often here. 

I don’t think I’m a photographer, or even worthy of the title, but every now and then I’m blown away when I’m asked what kind of camera gear I use. Currently my go-to's are a Canon 70D, Sony M3, and an iPhone 6 Plus. My favorite lens right now is the "Pancake" lens from Canon. I lightly edit my photos with Lightroom 5 and ABM Photoshop actions

For someone that complains a lot about social media, I sure do use it a lot. You can find me on GoodreadsTwitter, Pinterest, Tumblr, last.fm, snapchat, and Instagram. And no, I don't have Facebook. 

Sometimes I am a mess- a mascara smeared, red lipstick stained mess, and this is my blog. Thanks for following along. ♥