Grow Part 2

We have tomatoes! They were planted in spring, along with other veggies and fruits, and they are growing faster than we can eat them. Each day we pick a handful. Thankfully I love tomatoes, and my favorite way to eat them is just plain with some kosher salt and pepper. I'll admit food tastes better when you grow it yourself. Maybe it's the humble brag that gives it that extra flavor. Seriously though, gardening has saved my sanity, the more each plant bears veggie or fruits, the more I can see my heart bearing a little more hope. Yes, this post came with extra cheese apparently. 


We're growing our own organic garden this year and hoping it'll cut back on our grocery bill next spring. The herbs and romaine I planted last year can't stop growing and are giving me so much, I've made herbs de provence with almost every dinner, and it's saved me money on my daily GG smoothies. So far we have mint, thyme, cilantro, rosemary, sage, and tarragon. I placed a couple of the herbs in their containers and kept forgetting to plant them but overtime, they grew roots on their own, and broke through the bottom of the container. In our dirt pods, we've planted cucumber, spinach, corn, beets, squash, cantaloupe, watermelon, and goji berries. We have a greenhouse (a small one we found on amazon and it works great), some dirt, seeds, and a little time and motivation, and we're hoping to reap the benefits next year. 

Disposable Decor

This is my own organic post but it's promoted by Kleenex. They're turning 90 and I was invited to be a part of their birthday campaign. Thanks for the support, Kleenex

In my house we're passionate about reusing what we can to save money and the environment- cotton dish towels, cloth napkins, even using old tshirts as cleaning cloths. Two things I will never reuse- tissues and toilet paper. Those are a bit fat NOPE. With allergy season coming, and re-watching Friday Night Lights, I need some Kleenex nearby. Kleenex boxes match each vignette and every corner decorated, you can check out what they have for spring in their new line of designs. 

I just picked up my first succulent. I put in the warmest part of the house and it thrives on the heat. 

I also keep a box in my office, along with my three favorite people- Scott, Johnny and Hello Kitty. Just an FYI, I use this wall mount for my iMac, it saves me space and I can add a huge box of tissues. 

I also keep the pocket sized ones by the couch. The designs go with everything in the house. I found neutral, a more traditional, and even a brighter fun colorful kind. 

Thanks again, Kleenex! 

At Home with A Beautiful Mess

I'm sharing my kitchen and dining room on A Beautiful Mess today. Thank you so much to the team at ABM for having me!

excuse the messy hair and the baby bump trying to make an appearance. 

excuse the messy hair and the baby bump trying to make an appearance. 

A big loving thank you to my husband for being my model. If you're curious how he's able to agree with so much pink, I've written about it here.

The Fireplace

I loved the idea of having a fireplace when I moved into our place, but just not a very 80's looking one (apologies if you love that look, but seriously, WHY). We wanted something to look as old as the house, so we hired a tile contractor who designs historical homes. It was perfect what he picked out (he did our kitchen, and he also did our guest bathroom, which I'd love to share later). The neutral colors go with our dark space and highlight Kate Gabrielle's print. It's the perfect print to inspire our library nook, it's my favorite spot in the house right now. It's so COZY. 

Kate Gabrielle Print

We are really happy with Tim. If you're in the area, give him a call! (714) 272-6386. He seriously does a great job with a better price. I'll be sharing more before and after pics of our space. Whether you own a home, a fancy loft, a tiny cabin, or a cozy apartment spot, doing what works best for you is exciting. 

The Family Wall

Since today marks the release of The Royal Tenenbaums on Blu-ray, Criterion Collection Editon (!!), I thought it'd be appropriate to share my dining room wall. Photo-Canvas contacted me asking if I wanted to endorse their product. I've never owned a printed canvas before, and I loved the idea. I wasn't sure what to expect but I loved it!! I placed my order online, it was easy to upload, I was able to choose a colorful side, and the shipping was just as quick. The quality is great, and I'm really happy with the results. I chose this photo from my Flickr when I visited NYC a few years ago.

I loved this Polaroid but the quality was already a little grainy, so I went with digital. I'm loving the detail of the canvas. It looks so sharp, I can even see the cracks on the concrete and the shape of the leaves.

The artists on my wall are Nan Lawson, Claudia Varosio, Red Panda Designs, and now Photo Canvas.

Check them out here and on Facebook.

I'll Have Pink Christmas

For the past 3 Christmas', I've been collecting pink themed ornaments. It's not exactly an inviting color for the traditional holiday, but it's a conversation starter. Sadly, when my in-laws cleaned out their garage, they cleaned out my decorations and ornaments. The only thing salvaged was the pink tree. It was bittersweet- I loved shopping for new ones but I missed our old decorations.

I thrifted great ornaments, but I also treated myself to one from an artist I've had in mind forever, my very own Skunkboy Creatures ornate bird. Katie did a wonderful job and it'll be something I'll treasure for years.

Another thing she did a wonderful job on? Raising her daughter, Hope, to be so sweet. My heart grew ten sizes larger when I read her note and saw her handmade ornament. It's one of the most adorable things I've seen and the story behind it makes it extra sweet.

We have a few Kate Gabrielle pieces around the house (a calendar, a Diana camera painting, her Flapper Doodle prints and color books to name a few), we've added this house she modeled after ours. Look at it! The details are spot on, from the house colors to the color of the roof, the exact house address, and our pink Christmas tree! The only thing missing is the California snow (haaaa, I wish!).

I also got a heart plate set from Ana B. from On Dressing Up. I loved the mini plates, but I loved the card she wrote me even more. It reminded me of the amazing power the internet carries to hold friendships and memories even from miles away. Cheers to handmade and loved gifts!

Where The Magic Happens

This is where I'll be cooking Thanksgiving dinner (and by cooking I mean heating up all the organic pre-made food from Sprouts and Fresh & Easy)

and this is where my family and I will be eating it

This is my first Thanksgiving in the house, and that statement is enough to be thankful for. There's a long list of gratitude, but I'll just leave it as a sincere thank you for reading. Enjoy your Thanksgiving!

The Old (Pink) House

We've been working on the house non-stop and most of it is finally done! I'll be sharing pics of before and after the next few weeks, beginning with the exterior. I loved the house before, it was why we fell in love with it to begin with, but it was missing a personal stamp. God bless Scott, when I coyly suggested pink, he didn't even blink.

Here is the before...

It had chipped paint, broken siding, termites, and a wobbly gate. It looked pretty, but it really needed a lot of work to get to where we won't have to worry what board will break off next. 


The painters had a blast doing the house. They are used to doing really conservative colors, and this was a treat for them. 


It does need landscaping, after tearing out shrubs, dead rose bushes, this is an improvement. It even has a pink mailbox!

It's in the process of being a historical landmark, and it really did need all the work to qualify. I absolutely love my house, it's been worth all the saving the past three years, saving and trimming back on everything from our wedding to going out to eat, and taking all those all nighter free lance jobs that add up. Homeownership is freedom and it feels amazing.

New Kitchen Part 1

I took a break from blogging this week mainly because Scott and I are restoring our kitchen. One of the projects we're restoring is the stove. The house came with a 1940's O'Keefe and Merritt stove. It was full of grease, it smelled of gas leaking whenever we tried to use it, and no matter how hard we scrubbed, we could never get the stove clean. After researching on buying new stoves, we realized we had something special. This was a rare opportunity to own a little piece of history besides the house, and we decided to restore it. After asking my community for referrals (it's a historic community and the residents are big on preservations), Carolina's Appliances came to the rescue. Yes, they were pricey, but they also had the most recommendations. They even gave me a loaner stove in the meantime. The whole process took 6 weeks, and I'm so excited with the results.

Before, I could barely see inside because it was so disgusting.

Now, it looks brand new

The light, wiring, clock and instructions were ineligible to read and to use.

Every detail was taken care of, even this little piece was a big surprise, we had no idea it was there to begin with. The chrome griddle is actually for looks, we have a Teflon griddle to replace it on the stove when we do use it to preserve the chrome.

I'm really, really happy with it and it came just in time to bake and cook when the weather is getting cozier. Here are more pictures for all you die-hard vintage kitchen lovers.

*digital scrapbooking provided by Pugly Pixel

Sneak Peak of Home

The house we purchased was built in 1907. It's been kept in amazing condition but cosmetically, it's not our style. It's been a long process of a lot of phone calls, emails, cancellations, and even no-shows on the construction part to get how we want our home, but I've discovered it's worth the wait. It's really hard to complain when I'm still in the "honeymoon" phase of being a homeowner. Here are some bits of what I'm calling home now.

We have books everywhere. We wanted the living room to be like an old library- dark, cozy, regal, and filled wall to wall of books. When we got married, there was this unspoken marriage of our book collections as well. It's so good to slowly have them come together. We chose a royal navy to set the tone of the living room. This library sign was also fitting, it's one of the first things you see when you walk in.

 Lime green office door with purple walls? Yes, please. Who says I have to stare at a blank white wall to work? Some love simplicity, we thrive on colors that stir our minds.

These dining room curtains match the ridiculous hot pink kitchen. I was hesitant on getting a vanity, I was sure I didn't need one, but the husb ordered one from CB2, and I'm so glad he didn't listen to me. It's perfect and I love being so organized.This bookend is fun, and yes, I had to do a little shameless prop promotion.

I'm collecting before and after photos on my point and shoot, and it's hard to make a home look beautiful and clean with so many boxes everywhere. It's also a little hard to share photos of your own home by still being private. I don't know how some bloggers do it, it's a vulnerable part of my life because it's so new; I'm still not sure I want to share with readers where I live. I'm slowly building a relationship with my house, it seems a little soon to just share it when I barely know it. Does that make sense? I hope so. More pics (slowly) coming soon.

For the Love of Failing

I bought this stencil on Etsy. Cute, right? Well, I realized there are two types of people- ones that are great with a paintbrush and hammer and the other that is great at writing the check to the person that's great with the paintbrush and hammer.

I noticed with having a blog (in this particular community) and owning a home, I'll admit I felt really pressured to dive into a DIY project. Am I alone here? It was the kind of project that will be one that will be loved and will end getting "pinned" multiple times. I know for myself, it was wanting a sense of belonging and believing if I could accomplish one huge task, it'll be a sense of worth (nonsense, right? I think it was the paint thinner that made me think this way).

Welp, I tried it. And failed. Like miserably failed. Not only did I go into it with tinges of wrong intent ("hey, I have some Martha Stewart DNA, too! Look at meeee!"), but I was overly ambitious with it.

The stencils were spotty, I painted out of the lines, and after painting, re-painting, and re-stenciling numerous times, I gave up. As I was covering up the crooked stencils in the laundry room, I felt a sense of achievement. I may not have finished this miraculous project that would gain acceptance from others (or so I foolishly thought), but the success I had for myself was worth it. I didn't feel disappointed, I felt relieved. It's a good reminder to start with the small canvas than the huge wall in front of me. What fun is success unless you don't have some funny failures to go with it, right? {btw, I regret not taking a photo of it. It was so ugly, I think it would have been "pinned" under what not to do!)

On (not) Decorating a Home

I've been reading Christina's blog, Down and Out Chic, as long as I can remember; her blog was actually one of the first I read habitually. I loved the optical pleasing photos of decorating she's posted over the years. I'll admit I was never interested in interiors, unless it was Christmastime. Now that I'm looking at my empty living room, I'm also wishing I would have paid more attention at the decorating tips. I'm completely intimidated looking at the empty rooms, and wondering what my style is, if I even have a style.

I've been immersing myself in tons of design and home makeover blogs, books and magazines. I come home with tote bags filled with overwhelming ideas from the library. Out of all the DIY's, before and afters, and links to the hundreds of sites to purchase decorative pillows (srsly, who knew??), one thing I've learned from Christina's blog is to never be perfect with decorating; a home shouldn't look like a showroom when walking in. As of right now, my home is completely empty with piles of wood for the floor, overstuffed boxes, and my laptop. And even if it's not "perfect" or stylish, it really feels like home.

Laundry Room

The first order of business in the house will be the laundry room. This is partially because (like a new and naive homeowner) I scheduled to do the kitchen and laundry room flooring for the first day we move...the same day we get our appliances delivered. That means I won't have time to paint it and wallpaper it as planned. Normally, I'd have someone to blame or let the adults deal with it, but this time, I'm the adult. Welp, I have one week to think of decorating ideas and if my wallpaper idea is a fail, photography always wins! Click on the photo for source. How cute would these be in a laundry room? Also, just ordered my washer and dryer today and they are the.cutest.color.ever.

which one is your favorite? i love them all, but i'm partial to the polaroid print.

{all photos by individual artist- click on photo for source}

home sweet home

i've been a little absent lately, and it's due to some big news Scott and I have. We bought a house! We struggled with the idea to move out of state to buy a bigger home, or do we stay in California and be house broke? After what seems like endless properties we looked at, we found a perfect home for us here in Orange County (and we're not house broke!). The best part of it?  It's a historical home, so it has so much charm to it, I feel like it belongs in a storybook. I'm nervous, excited, and everything in between.

One of my favorite part of the house? It has a clawfoot tub!