Moving Day

MovingDay Today is Moving Day for my blog. I moved from Live Journal to Blogger to Wordpress and I think my permanent home will be Squarespace. Wordpress has been a great learning tool, but I mostly learned I didn't like it :P

After much research, Squarespace is where I originally wanted to move but my little blog couldn't afford it. Thanks to you, dear readers, for clicking on my affiliate links, it's able to house my new home for my blog. I mean, it's not enough to quit my job, but just enough to pay for what I truly love to do, blog.

Thank you and here's to 2013.

waiting for some mail

I finally opened up a P.O. Box for my blog and work! I swear I'm much more excited than I look in the photo below. I loved the Vatican City's mail boxes, so much cooler than the USPS boxes, I had to take a photo. #nerdalert

Vatican Post Office

new addy

Feel free to write and I'll write and send something back. We are going to be moving soon (details on that shortly!) and this is a more secure address.

Cute label courtesy of Pugly Pixel.

siège fenêtre *

new tumblr

Ok, so I deleted my old tumblr but I'm back again for good reason. I mean, how many pics of Joey Lawrence can someone really post? I think this fun project is much prettier anyways. Anabela had the genius idea to make a tumblr of window seats from thousands of feet above ground, I'm happy to help along !!! Follow along here.

Regarding submissions, please reply to @ourcitylights on twitter and I'll be happy to post window seat photos you have.

*siège fenêtre window seat in Français

Oh, nothing fancy. Just a new layout.

late night
Just like seasons, people change, and so must their blogs. 

I've said this before and I couldn't believe it more right now. I loved my old layout, but the risk of sounding haughty, I think my blog content is cute enough. 

What's different about the layout: Well, everything really. Don't worry, I'm still the same Diana, but I've grown. Nothing about my blogging has changed in terms of right now. I don't like change, at all. Remember, I'm the same girl who refuses to use other nail polish until the one bottle has officially ran out (have you ever met anyone that even finishes a bottle of varnish? yes, i'm a special one.) 

It's still me, but to describe it better, it's like getting that haircut I've been wanting to get for awhile, but too scared to go for. I think it looks pretty good on me, no?  I'll still be changing some things around a bit, but nothing too noticeable. 

A huge big thank you to my friend Sophie. I have no design skills at all and I'd spend hours and hours I don't have working on my blog (if I attempted to do so, it'd look something like this). I shared with her what I wanted, what I didn't want and she worked her design magic. Thank you, Sophie

Thank you for taking the time to read. Love you all. 

Giveaway and guestpost

I have a guest post on Anna's ♥ Much Love ♥ blog on my love and the demise of Kodachrome film here.

I'm also doing a giveaway on Shawni's A Spoonful of Love, here. Shawni is giving away a couple items from my Etsy shop, along with other cute things! Enter the giveaway here.

The conversation on the last post on libraries was overwhelming, in the best way possible. Thanks to everyone commenting, library card holder or not.

What's new!


What's new besides my blog design? *thanks again to the lovely Sophie!

Of course, almost everything is new here! Except me, you'll still have the same old me. 

The "athenaeum" section is now in the "about me" section, yes, I finally made one!
My most popular content which was floating all over the place on my old side bar was incorporated into a much cleaner version to hyperlinks in the header.

I love reading emails about my marriage and Scott, but I thought it'd be best to put it in a labeled section. I also get a lot of comments and emails asking about my cameras, and I'm currently working on a separate page for this. I thought it would be easy, but I don't want to discriminate against any of my cameras, so this is a bit of a longer process than expected (oh, boy!)

I'll also be going through my blog posts (over a year's worth!) and re-labeling everything for a much more organized archive label.

I do have favorite blogs I want to show off, and I'm currently getting those buttons together to have a proper page to display my daily reads.

If you notice on my side bar, I kept the section, "you're my favorite this week". I wanted to highlight a blog for a week so they wouldn't get lost amongst tons of links, buttons and banners. Whether it's the writing, the photography, the content, or if I find myself just getting lost in the site (which is what makes a great blog, right?), it'll be a blog worth visiting. 

I'm also reviving the Introduction series (remember those, old faithful readers?), and an array of assets to keep my blog the way I want it- simple, clean but full of content. I threw scheduled blogging out the window. I work from home and my job doesn't have a set schedule, so why should I? This hobby was meant to just that- a hobby.

6,768 Miles Apart is no longer for this time. If it will get a revival, I don't know, but I know Ana B. and I were in a season of growth and now that we have grown with the series, who knows what's next? I value each photo we had, our friendship and can give full merit to the series for my love for photography and blogging. When Ana B., and I are both ready, I can't wait to move forward with what has become my favorite chapter of

Not only did my blog have a makeover, but in a way, I felt I did, too. I'm working on a personal series that is long overdue (you'll know when it launches), I've come back refreshed, with a new disposition on blogging. The word to describe my blogging experience? Growth. Hopefully, at it's best.

The Poppies


I have some news- I was nominated for a Poppy Award for Favorite Photographer from Poppytalk! You have all been so supportive and it's because of you guys I was even included. I can't believe I was even nominated! If you guys could vote for me here, I would be super grateful.

Every vote counts, but I know I'm probably not going to win. I'm not being modest, just realistic. I mean, I'm up against a group of my favorite photographers. It's still weird being even considered one. Just being in the same category as them is such an honor and I'm so grateful to be in the same round as some of the women who have given me the inspiration to even pick up a camera in the first place. The nominee itself is thrilling and thank you to everyone who kept bugging me to keep going. Some of the most motivating and encouraging people I have yet to meet.
I'm also doing a guest post on Polkadot Robot. It's one of my favorite blogs and I'm excited to be a part of it! Read the DIY I did here.