Beautiful Things: Rifle Paper Co. x Garance Doré 'Go' Notebooks

Sometimes I have things around the house that are so beautiful, they need to be shared. I just picked up the Rifle Paper Co. x Garance Doré 'Go' Notebooks and they are almost too cool to use but they are so beautiful, it calls for pen to match the blank paper inside. Rifle Paper Co., American artists Anna and Nathan Bond collaborated with Garance Doré, a French artist. The individual companies are both known for their vintage inspired art work and together they make a dreamy team. Buy it here (aff) or here (non-aff). 

Summer Wishlist: Moorea Seal Shop

Moorea Seal sat in my living room a couple years ago and told me a vision she was building- a brick and mortar shop of her online items. I loved the idea, and I always encourage friends to go for what they want. Little did I know her dream would not only come true, but now she's added a larger space to it, and has even added a bridal section to it. On a personal level, I'm so proud of her. On a consumer level, she has the coolest items I'd love to have in my own space. I've purchased a few items from her and the shipping and packaging are like Christmas. 

1. Dicarlo Hat in gray.  Everyone looks great in hats, you just have to find the best one for you. Wide brim hats are universal and a bonus if they're in a neutral color. This will look great not just in summer but all year. 

2. Gold Scallops Tumbler. This cup would be perfect to display my makeup brushes. 

3. I Can, I Will. I love these notebooks. This is all the motivation I need to fill the blank pages with an "I Did". 

4. Broken Lines Tote. Handmade leather tote with hand painted lines on it. It's a cute bag with a little kitsch and bonus it goes with everything in your closet. Even leopard print, right??

5. Make A Wish Match Box. Lighting a candle, a birthday cake or just lighting a match when yelling at your husband when he doesn't open the window after using the guest bathroom, this cute matchbox is done in style. 

6. Confetti Tape-I would love to use this to add to my daily planner. 

7. Coconut Milk Bath Soak- The directions for this are "inhale deeply and enjoy". Taking a bath should be on everyone's to do list and the world would be a much less stressful place. 

8. White Metallic Confetti Bomb- Are you celebrating a wedding? A promotion? A bad break up? An engagement? For the rest of us, celebrate a Monday morning with a confetti bomb! 

+ Shop more Moorea Seal here

Sticky9 Large Print

Sticky9 has developed cute magnets in Instagram square sized as one of the many high quality products developed over the years. I've had the opportunity to work with them over those years and I had a chance to test out their large prints. They are perfect for scrapbooking, framing, and displaying. The colors are crisp, and looks much better on print than it does staring at a phone. 

I love the Sticky9 products- the magnets, the small prints and now I've added the large print to my collection. Fridges represent a family, from photos and calendars and Sticky9 represents my family so colorfully. 


Candelles for Valentine's Day + a special discount for readers!

Actually, you don't need Candelle's  just for Valentine's Day- you need it all year long. They are releasing their Spring line FRIDAY, and I was lucky to try out two of their Spring line scents- African Gardenia and Mint Nectarine. I've written about Candelles before but to refresh your memory they are a USA brand, made by partners Kelley and CJ. They hand make their candles with soy, and even the cotton wick. I love their branding, the people behind it and after using them for a year, it's a brand I'm happy to support long term. They also added white caps to their re-usable mason jars, I love the look of it. 

candelles on ourcitylights-3.jpg

African Gardenia is one of the beautiful new scents coming out. It instantly takes me back years ago when I desperately wanted the original Marc Jacobs perfume. When I lit it, Scott was asked if I had done anything different- did we get anything new? Did I change the sheets? Did I buy a new dress? The power of scent blows my mind and this was a great example. 

This is Favorite Sweater scent. It's just like it sounds- cozy and comforting. Light it with your favorite book and it'll be a part of one of your favorite moments. 

This is Favorite Sweater scent. It's just like it sounds- cozy and comforting. Light it with your favorite book and it'll be a part of one of your favorite moments. 

Mint Nectarine I've used when getting ready for bed. I got the small size, it doesn't take up space on my bathroom counter and it adds some comfort to my already mundane routine. Add a little music and putting on moisturizer is a Weird but true. It has a clean crisp scent of mint, like the kind picked from an herb garden, not the kind that smells like mouthwash. The nectarine scents adds a sweetness to it and it makes me wonder when nectarines will be in season again. I wish laundry smelled like this. 

Kelley and CJ are offering ourcitylights readers a special code DIANA10 for 10% off! The new line comes out Friday, or you can get favorites like Long Stem Roses and Hot Fudge for now. Follow Candelles on Instagram, and shop here

Handmade Valentine's Gift Round Up

I've been introduced to a lot of great independent shops and bonus they are run by women. Here are some I've met and they are perfect for Valentine's Day. From shirts, prints, cards and even the perfect nail polish to make your Valentine's Day (or what I love to call it- my favorite shopping time of the year because HEARTS ON EVERYTHING), I got you covered. Treat yourself! Order early to get yours in time! 

1. Baci Shirt from Studio Mucci- known for making tassel garlands, Studio Mucci now makes t shirts as adorable and colorful as the rest of their shop. 

2. Open Heart Ring from Moorea Seal- I'm a big fan of the nickel-free, allergy friendly pieces by Fresh Tangerine. 

3. Palate Polish in Sugar Cookie- Pink is a neutral, right? This is a staple. 

4. Long Stem Roses by Candelles- Candelles never fails to come up with amazing scents you can't find elsewhere. If you want the scent of long stemmed roses to last forever, they make it in a candle form! 

5. Sweet As Pie Card by Odd Daughter - The pie loving Danielle would love this card! 

6. You + Me from BubbyAndBean- I've received one of Melissa's cards in the mail and always so impressed by her quality! This one is adorable, not just for Valentine's but just to say I love you.

7. Vegan Cuticle Oil by Pepper Pot- prep that manicure with this oil.

8. You're a Catch Card by XO LP- Cheeky and adorable. I always love a good pun. So punny :P 

9. Jane Austen quote by Rebecca Caridad- I love Jane Austen and I'll admit I want this print for my home. How beautiful would it be on a bookshelf or even a nursery. 

10. Concrete Heart Necklace by LittleEli- this is one of the coolest things I've seen. It's a combination of tough and sweet. 



I Love You, Palate Polish

I would never imagine to put nail polish and food together but Ainsley does it and it’s one of my favorite beauty products. Palate Polish is the hybrid of Ainsley’s love for food, and getting her nails done. With names like Beet Juice, Avocado, and Black Coffee, Palate Polish has cheeky names to match your Instagram foodie pics. Plus It's 5-free (no toluene, formaldehyde, dibutyl phthalate, formaldehyde resin and camphor). PP is vegan, never tested on animals, made in the US. I remember when Ainsley began working on the project months ago and she took the time to choose the bottles, design her logo, and as a regular customer of PP, I can say it was worth the wait. I’m supporting a friend, a business growing in the US, and I love the product. My favorite color is Gold Gumdrop, I can add a couple coats for a subtle look or layer it to make it look like glitter grows on me instead of nails. 

She is offering ourcitylights readers a free polish just in time for Valentine’s Day- buy two get one FREE polish of your choice with code weloveyou. Offer good until Valentine’s Day. 

Palate Polish shop, and Instagram 

Celebrating Minnie Mouse

January 22 was National Polka Dot day, and Harvey's gave a great tribute to the iconic polka dot lover herself, Minnie Mouse, with their release of their latest bag release. It's Disney approved and everything I personally love- pink, polka dots and Minnie. Get the Disney line here.  

Rent the Runway Unlimited

The genius rental service from the popular Rent the Runway we all know and love for their designer dresses at not designer prices launched Unlimited. Instead of renting individual accessories, you pay a monthly fee and rent 3 pieces as long as you’d like and swap them out as much as you’d like for $49. RTR Unlimited only applies to accessories added to a queue (like Netflix but you don’t get to choose the order), some jackets, but not the dresses or Chanel. I’ve always wanted to try trendy accessories but I don’t want to pay the trendy prices, it seems like a great deal. I signed up in August when it was in beta and I just got my first shipment, in January. There’s a waiting list and after a few grouchy emails, I’ll admit it was worth the wait. 

I got the Annabel Ingal Isabella bag in Zinc worth $415. It goes with everything in the gray. I also got the AV Max necklace, worth $70, and a pair of Kendra Scott Corley earrings worth $85 I’d normally lust after but never pay for them. What I like best about RTR Unlimited is I don’t have to store them, and once I’m done wearing them, I send it back and I know I’m guaranteed something I’ll love I added to queue. I love RTR Unlimited, besides the longer wait, which it worked out in my favor because I wasn’t able to go out much from my injury, it’s great. I can dress up a simple dress and instead of splurging on the accessory that I’ll wear once, I can get mulitple ones. I love this idea. I can wear all the Moschino, Kate Spade, and Lulu Frost I want for $50. If you love the item, buy it for a discounted price. Sign up here

*I'm an affiliated partner with Rent the Runway

Pinrose Perfume

I haven't worn perfume in years and I miss it. When Pinrose, a California made perfume brand, emailed me to work together, I told them no. Why would I risk my to lids flare, my eyes to water, my cheeks to become inflamed and burn? They were confident of their natural product and sent me samples. We went back and forth for a few weeks, I tried it out and I almost finished their Petal Pack, oops! I was so excited to finally find a perfume, and especially one that fits my lifestyle. I feel honored working with a company that thinks beyond the commercial marketing of perfume.

Their perfume is made specifically for you (yes, you) in mind. They use a customized algorithm to match you. Take their scent quiz, to find out. I love how they also have playlists dedicated to the scent. Our favorite music expresses who we are and Pinrose uses that to help find your signature scent. Think of it like a favorite Pandora radio station, but for your scent. 

I really like Pinrose, I don't have to pay designer prices for a huge bottle that will sit on my vanity.  I love their Petal Packs best- they are small enough to carry everywhere and you can switch scents throughout the day. Take it on a date, to school, to work, or just have on you. My personal favorite was Renegade Starlet, a mix of gardenia, jasmine and Freesia. Get your own here

Cool Story, Poe

Forget zombies, ghosts or witches. Edgar Allan Poe wins for Halloween. He's creepy for marrying his 13 year old cousin, and writing The Raven, one of the darkest poems ever written. As despondent as it is, the poem is beautifully composed. If Poe were alive today, he'd make millions on just his iconic look. His face is plastered everywhere from the USPS stamp to bags! Below are my favorite items

+ I love this Poe-ka dot clutch from Out of Print Clothing. I've used it a few times myself and it's always a great way to get strangers talking. 

+ If your nails need the ultimate RBF and Poe doesn't disappoint. Nail wraps from Oosha Wraps.

+ Show off how much of a groupie you are for Poe in this shirt and this one from Plasticland. 

+ One thing I've learned over the years are lunchboxes can be used as storage, not just for lunch. How cool would the Poe lunchbox to store your makeup or camera lenses? LOVE.

+ Kawaii Poe! Pillow from telahmarie on etsy

+ Even TOMS can look creepy with a little Poe. From HeartsnSoles on etsy

+ Book as an iPhone charger by Uncommonandnice  

+ Nestle your Poe book collection in between these raven bookends, conveniently titled "Nevermore"

+ Tokyo Milk makes a fragrance dedicated to the poet. My first assumption was it would smell like death, but tea leaves, autumn apples and amberwood sound cozy. 

+ Edgar Allan Stow Tote

With over a century and a half since his death, he still keeps it creepy.