Candelles for Valentine's Day + a special discount for readers!

Actually, you don't need Candelle's  just for Valentine's Day- you need it all year long. They are releasing their Spring line FRIDAY, and I was lucky to try out two of their Spring line scents- African Gardenia and Mint Nectarine. I've written about Candelles before but to refresh your memory they are a USA brand, made by partners Kelley and CJ. They hand make their candles with soy, and even the cotton wick. I love their branding, the people behind it and after using them for a year, it's a brand I'm happy to support long term. They also added white caps to their re-usable mason jars, I love the look of it. 

candelles on ourcitylights-3.jpg

African Gardenia is one of the beautiful new scents coming out. It instantly takes me back years ago when I desperately wanted the original Marc Jacobs perfume. When I lit it, Scott was asked if I had done anything different- did we get anything new? Did I change the sheets? Did I buy a new dress? The power of scent blows my mind and this was a great example. 

This is Favorite Sweater scent. It's just like it sounds- cozy and comforting. Light it with your favorite book and it'll be a part of one of your favorite moments. 

This is Favorite Sweater scent. It's just like it sounds- cozy and comforting. Light it with your favorite book and it'll be a part of one of your favorite moments. 

Mint Nectarine I've used when getting ready for bed. I got the small size, it doesn't take up space on my bathroom counter and it adds some comfort to my already mundane routine. Add a little music and putting on moisturizer is a Weird but true. It has a clean crisp scent of mint, like the kind picked from an herb garden, not the kind that smells like mouthwash. The nectarine scents adds a sweetness to it and it makes me wonder when nectarines will be in season again. I wish laundry smelled like this. 

Kelley and CJ are offering ourcitylights readers a special code DIANA10 for 10% off! The new line comes out Friday, or you can get favorites like Long Stem Roses and Hot Fudge for now. Follow Candelles on Instagram, and shop here

Handmade Valentine's Gift Round Up

I've been introduced to a lot of great independent shops and bonus they are run by women. Here are some I've met and they are perfect for Valentine's Day. From shirts, prints, cards and even the perfect nail polish to make your Valentine's Day (or what I love to call it- my favorite shopping time of the year because HEARTS ON EVERYTHING), I got you covered. Treat yourself! Order early to get yours in time! 

1. Baci Shirt from Studio Mucci- known for making tassel garlands, Studio Mucci now makes t shirts as adorable and colorful as the rest of their shop. 

2. Open Heart Ring from Moorea Seal- I'm a big fan of the nickel-free, allergy friendly pieces by Fresh Tangerine. 

3. Palate Polish in Sugar Cookie- Pink is a neutral, right? This is a staple. 

4. Long Stem Roses by Candelles- Candelles never fails to come up with amazing scents you can't find elsewhere. If you want the scent of long stemmed roses to last forever, they make it in a candle form! 

5. Sweet As Pie Card by Odd Daughter - The pie loving Danielle would love this card! 

6. You + Me from BubbyAndBean- I've received one of Melissa's cards in the mail and always so impressed by her quality! This one is adorable, not just for Valentine's but just to say I love you.

7. Vegan Cuticle Oil by Pepper Pot- prep that manicure with this oil.

8. You're a Catch Card by XO LP- Cheeky and adorable. I always love a good pun. So punny :P 

9. Jane Austen quote by Rebecca Caridad- I love Jane Austen and I'll admit I want this print for my home. How beautiful would it be on a bookshelf or even a nursery. 

10. Concrete Heart Necklace by LittleEli- this is one of the coolest things I've seen. It's a combination of tough and sweet. 



I Love You, Palate Polish

I would never imagine to put nail polish and food together but Ainsley does it and it’s one of my favorite beauty products. Palate Polish is the hybrid of Ainsley’s love for food, and getting her nails done. With names like Beet Juice, Avocado, and Black Coffee, Palate Polish has cheeky names to match your Instagram foodie pics. Plus It's 5-free (no toluene, formaldehyde, dibutyl phthalate, formaldehyde resin and camphor). PP is vegan, never tested on animals, made in the US. I remember when Ainsley began working on the project months ago and she took the time to choose the bottles, design her logo, and as a regular customer of PP, I can say it was worth the wait. I’m supporting a friend, a business growing in the US, and I love the product. My favorite color is Gold Gumdrop, I can add a couple coats for a subtle look or layer it to make it look like glitter grows on me instead of nails. 

She is offering ourcitylights readers a free polish just in time for Valentine’s Day- buy two get one FREE polish of your choice with code weloveyou. Offer good until Valentine’s Day. 

Palate Polish shop, and Instagram 

Celebrating Minnie Mouse

January 22 was National Polka Dot day, and Harvey's gave a great tribute to the iconic polka dot lover herself, Minnie Mouse, with their release of their latest bag release. It's Disney approved and everything I personally love- pink, polka dots and Minnie. Get the Disney line here.  

Rent the Runway Unlimited

The genius rental service from the popular Rent the Runway we all know and love for their designer dresses at not designer prices launched Unlimited. Instead of renting individual accessories, you pay a monthly fee and rent 3 pieces as long as you’d like and swap them out as much as you’d like for $49. RTR Unlimited only applies to accessories added to a queue (like Netflix but you don’t get to choose the order), some jackets, but not the dresses or Chanel. I’ve always wanted to try trendy accessories but I don’t want to pay the trendy prices, it seems like a great deal. I signed up in August when it was in beta and I just got my first shipment, in January. There’s a waiting list and after a few grouchy emails, I’ll admit it was worth the wait. 

I got the Annabel Ingal Isabella bag in Zinc worth $415. It goes with everything in the gray. I also got the AV Max necklace, worth $70, and a pair of Kendra Scott Corley earrings worth $85 I’d normally lust after but never pay for them. What I like best about RTR Unlimited is I don’t have to store them, and once I’m done wearing them, I send it back and I know I’m guaranteed something I’ll love I added to queue. I love RTR Unlimited, besides the longer wait, which it worked out in my favor because I wasn’t able to go out much from my injury, it’s great. I can dress up a simple dress and instead of splurging on the accessory that I’ll wear once, I can get mulitple ones. I love this idea. I can wear all the Moschino, Kate Spade, and Lulu Frost I want for $50. If you love the item, buy it for a discounted price. Sign up here

*I'm an affiliated partner with Rent the Runway

Pinrose Perfume

I haven't worn perfume in years and I miss it. When Pinrose, a California made perfume brand, emailed me to work together, I told them no. Why would I risk my to lids flare, my eyes to water, my cheeks to become inflamed and burn? They were confident of their natural product and sent me samples. We went back and forth for a few weeks, I tried it out and I almost finished their Petal Pack, oops! I was so excited to finally find a perfume, and especially one that fits my lifestyle. I feel honored working with a company that thinks beyond the commercial marketing of perfume.

Their perfume is made specifically for you (yes, you) in mind. They use a customized algorithm to match you. Take their scent quiz, to find out. I love how they also have playlists dedicated to the scent. Our favorite music expresses who we are and Pinrose uses that to help find your signature scent. Think of it like a favorite Pandora radio station, but for your scent. 

I really like Pinrose, I don't have to pay designer prices for a huge bottle that will sit on my vanity.  I love their Petal Packs best- they are small enough to carry everywhere and you can switch scents throughout the day. Take it on a date, to school, to work, or just have on you. My personal favorite was Renegade Starlet, a mix of gardenia, jasmine and Freesia. Get your own here

Cool Story, Poe

Forget zombies, ghosts or witches. Edgar Allan Poe wins for Halloween. He's creepy for marrying his 13 year old cousin, and writing The Raven, one of the darkest poems ever written. As despondent as it is, the poem is beautifully composed. If Poe were alive today, he'd make millions on just his iconic look. His face is plastered everywhere from the USPS stamp to bags! Below are my favorite items

+ I love this Poe-ka dot clutch from Out of Print Clothing. I've used it a few times myself and it's always a great way to get strangers talking. 

+ If your nails need the ultimate RBF and Poe doesn't disappoint. Nail wraps from Oosha Wraps.

+ Show off how much of a groupie you are for Poe in this shirt and this one from Plasticland. 

+ One thing I've learned over the years are lunchboxes can be used as storage, not just for lunch. How cool would the Poe lunchbox to store your makeup or camera lenses? LOVE.

+ Kawaii Poe! Pillow from telahmarie on etsy

+ Even TOMS can look creepy with a little Poe. From HeartsnSoles on etsy

+ Book as an iPhone charger by Uncommonandnice  

+ Nestle your Poe book collection in between these raven bookends, conveniently titled "Nevermore"

+ Tokyo Milk makes a fragrance dedicated to the poet. My first assumption was it would smell like death, but tea leaves, autumn apples and amberwood sound cozy. 

+ Edgar Allan Stow Tote

With over a century and a half since his death, he still keeps it creepy. 

The Simpsons for LEGO

I was so excited when I heard The Simpsons family teamed up with LEGO for Simpsons 25th anniversary. LEGO and Simpsons are two of our favorite household items and of course, we bounced on the chance to add to our LEGO collection. The box comes with the house, and all the details pictured (not including Krusty the Clown), even the car! 

You can buy the house here and the rest of the characters here

Get Spooky With Plasticland

Ok, so “Plasticland” sounds like their mountains are full of silicone and trees are pumped with fillers but Plasticland is a very cute online shop. I love what they carry and they have the perfect  accessories for Halloween. 

1. Cat Backpack- This has black kitty silhouettes wearing colorful bowties. Cute/kawaii Halloween at it's finest. 

2. Creepy Zombie Gnome- This is the perfect accessory to greet people at the doorstep. 

3. Zombie Dress- I don't dress up for Halloween (I know, I know, terrible) but I do love this to get in the Halloween spirit. I can't wait to wear one of their dresses to answer to trick or treaters. It's currently available only in the XS, but they update their shop often.

4. Skull Sneakers- These are the cherry on top. They're cheap and can be slipped on after those naughty nurse heels start hurting. 

5. Poison Cardigan- I love this cardigan, it's feminine but will keep you warm and still keep the spooky festivities. 

6. Skull Tights- Ok, so I may wear these all year long. 

7. Spider Hook- It's all in the details. I may add a spray of black glitter to this. 

8. Bat Dress- This is a new take on "batgirl". 

I love Plasticland, and these items would be perfect not just for Halloween but for the spook in you. 

Hello Kitty x Minnetonka

* This post contains partner links. Thanks for the support!

I've seen Minnetonka's on friends for years. They not only love the brand, but they are borderline crazy when it comes their loyalty for the brand. When Sanrio and Minnetonka designed a shoe together, I thought it was time to see what the big deal was. When they arrived, I knew how much I would wear these out but the quality is awesome, and I doubt these will wear out anytime soon. What I love best about the collaboration is how subtle Hello Kitty is on the shoe. The design isn't as loud like other Sanrio collaborations. It still keeps Minnetonka's signature style but it still has the famous Sanrio look. 

YSL Babydoll vs Miss Manga

I'm not a beauty blogger but L'oreal's new mascara, Miss Manga, caught my attention. It reminded me of YSL Babydoll, a mascara I've been using for about 8 months and I'm on my second tube. One is high end while the other is a cheaper drugstore brand, but both mascaras advertise the full-fringe-wide-eyed-cute effect unlike a traditional mascara. I don't have big lashes, or any visible lashes, really and if I could save money on my daily beauty routine, I thought readers would, too. Read on to see how both worked!

YSL Babydoll $30 This is the mascara I would keep buying over and over. It does work on my short lashes and make me look less tired. It's not a miracle product but it works, and for me, it's been worth paying the higher end price for it. I also love the packaging. Just like the brand, the packaging is just as luxurious as the name. It's easy to come off, it has survived light teary nights, but failed during the tougher nights, so if you're going swimming in it, it's not going to hold. The brush is clean, clump free but the more I apply, it becomes thicker without clumping. 

L'oreal Miss Manga $7  I used this mascara on both my lashes and bottom lashes. I don't use mascara on my lower lashes because they smear easily and this mascara doesn't smear, even YSL. It is clumpy if you have too many strokes, it gets that "spider" lash look but I don't mind it because it can be fixed with a good lash brush. Unlike YSL, if you apply it a few times, you just make them thicker. With L'oreal's mascara, it appears to make the lashes look longer with each stroke. The brush bends for flexibility but I didn't see the point of that for my own application. Another bonus? It made my lashes so long, they hit my glasses. 

I like Miss Manga better not just for the price, but it does the job. It's cheap so you can buy one once a month. I try to make YSL last for 3 months. I like YSL but I realized I love the packaging and the name of it more than the actual formula. When I order it from Sephora, I love getting the box, opening it up and savoring the moment of retail therapy. L'oreal is just one quick trip to Target. It has cute packaging but it feels cheap. The packaging is a lighter plastic and the wand is clumpy, it just requires smudging it off a bit on the tube before you apply. The brush is cheap but it works better than YSL, so I'm still wrapping my head around this. Like I said, I'm not a beauty blogger and the only mascara I've used mostly was higher end. I'm happy with L'oreal's Miss Manga over YSL's Babydoll, and I'm open to other drugstore products. 

My Summer Beauty Essentials

This post contains personally recommended affiliate links. Affiliate links help me put a little money back from my blog. Thanks for your support! 

I am so excited to share what items are going to get the most use this summer. 

+ Anastasia Beverly Hills Brush #12 and Dipbrow Pomade- We're past the TMI part of this blog, right? Ok. I sweat. A lot. So much, my eyeliner and eyebrows are gone by the end of the day. Dipbrow has stayed in tact. I've tested this at Disneyland, in the heat, during workouts and many teary nights. I use the brush to apply it to my brows and use it as gel eyeliner. 

+ Nail X Formula in Turbo. This nail polish means business. It's bright, lasts for a long time, and it can be applied with multiple coats to add more color. I've only finished one polish before, and I think I'll be finishing this one, too. 

+ Supergoop Sunscreen Eyecream. Just because I wear glasses and shield my eyes doesn't mean I shouldn't miss that part of my face for sunscreen. It's an anti-aging eye cream without the heavy paragons, sulfates, phthalates, safe for sensitive skin, and has stayed put. So on those days I decide to wear contacts, it doesn't burn my eyes. What I love best is it's surprisingly priced for an anti aging cream that actually works, under $50. 

+ Cover FX Natural Foundation. I recently switched foundations and there's no looking back. This foundation stays put, has less chemicals than the previous one I used, it's water resistant, anti-inflammatory, calms my redness, it's vegan, fragrance-free, and it's so much gentler on my sensitive skin but still covers my rosacea. A little goes a long way, too. It's thick but blends well. 

+ Marc Jacobs Beauty Lip Vinyl Gloss. This is the first lip gloss I've loved, I'll admit. I'll always go for the lipstick before I bother with lip gloss. Long hair and lip gloss are the worst combo, it gets stuck to my lips and rubs off on my face. Marc Jacobs Beauty has developed a lip gloss that avoids that color drag, my lips are in tact and there is no strange wine colored streak across my cheeks. 

+ Davines Vegetarian Miracle Conditioner. There's a reason "miracle" is in the name of this conditioner. A little goes a long way, my favorite part. My long thicker hair sucks up conditioner and it's constantly on my shopping list. This conditioner not only saves me money, but it works. I use it a deep conditioner by adding a cotton hot damp towel wrapped around my hair for a few minutes. I found it for $1 cheaper here

+ Sunscreen Bands. I'm recommending this product hoping the reader already uses sunblock. (My favorite is Alba's brand) When applying sunblock, rub a little on the band, wear it when you're out in the sun and when it's time to re-apply, it'll change colors to remind you. Unless you remember to always apply, these bands aren't needed. I get lost in time and end up with minor sunburns even when I apply sunblock. Plus, I paid $$$$ for my tattoos, I don't want to lose the color simply because I forgot to reapply. This is a great investment not just for your health. 

+ Soapwalla Deodorant Cream. Ok, so this is where things are getting real TMI. I'm totally comfortable in my sweat. However, I'm not comfortable around other people smelling it. This is an aluminum-free, organic, non-animal tested, vegan thick cream applied to your underarms instead of the conventional deodorant stick. Plus the idea of a chemical making you stop sweating completely, something our bodies are meant to do, sounds grosser to me than a smelly person. It's been tested under stress, the sun, heavy workouts, worn with black outfits and it doesn't rub off and you don't have to wait for it to dry unlike other natural deodorants. 

So those are my beauty summer essentials! If there's something I missed you can't live without, email me and let me know. I'd love to try it out. 

Loly In The Sky

Yep, this is a sponsored giveaway but don't worry, it's a brand I 100% support, love and recommend!

I am so excited for the new Loly in the Sky line! I saw them all over Instagram last year and I loved their designs. I purchased a couple pairs last year because I was impressed with their pricing, their designs, and their quality. They were my favorite pair for the summer and they still look great after so many wears. Loly is popular with flats, but they’ve introduced wedges, heels and sandals.


I was so happy when they wanted to work with me. After I received my complimentary pair to review from Loly for the new season, I was even more impressed. On top of all the new cute designs, they’ve re-designed their shoe for ultimate comfort. They’ve added a removable cushion padded foot bed for the shoe. I tested them out before I wrote this post, I wanted to make sure this is something I’d recommend to readers. After I wore them for a few days, a sweaty day to Disneyland (gross, sorry) and standing on my feet in them, they still kept their cushion, and I’ll be the first to point out- I am not a lightweight. The padding still stood well and I had the option to wash them (again, gross, but if you wear flats often in the summer, I’m sure you know what I’m talking about). Loly took the extra step to make the foot beds anti bacterial. 


Not only are the new designs even more comfortable than last season but they adorable and also more sophisticated. The shoe is handmade and designed in Mexico, where in Loly in the Sky is located and began. It provides job for their area, which I love and support. Every now and I then I see someone wearing a pair, I can spot the familiar “L” brooch on the side of the shoe. 


Loly has also added a dust bag with the new shoes. Something I never thought of having for my flats, but considering they’re going to last a while, it’s a great detail they’ve thought of. The shoe I purchased is called the “Coco”. I should point out the sizing- even last year they sizing was different than women’s US sizing chart. When I purchased both shoes last year, I had to get two different sizes. My biggest advice would be to follow their own size advice! Every shoe is different and if you need help with sizing, the site has a great chatting feature. I’m a 7.5 to 8 but I was sent the 8.5, and they fit perfectly. 


I love these shoes. Just like I bought two pairs last year, and I got a complimentary pair this year, I plan on buying another pair. I have my eye on the Juliet. Yes, this company does want to sell shoes but they also are a brand I love to support. I love what they stand for, who they are, who's behind it and what they're about. You can get your own pair here


Custom Nike ID Low Blazers

I don't need another pair of sneakers, but I found myself on the Nike ID page and a few minutes later I got a confirmation saying my shoes were ordered. When they arrived, they were so beautiful, I had to take a million angles of a pair of shoes. As for the size, they are a tad bigger than the Nike Free's I normally wear for working out. I'm not sure if that's the style of the Blazer or just weird in sizing. I'm a 7.5 and that's what I ordered, but there is a little bit of room to wiggle my toes. I'm sure that extra space will come in handy when my feet are swollen from the summer heat. If you just want to purchase the Blazers but not make your own, I love these, these and these (and this pair if you're feeling brave).

Turntable Kitchen!

Every year I get Ashley's birthday gift from Sephora, she's the beauty queen after all. I never expect anything in return, but this year, she outdid me by not only buying me a gift I love, but an experience! She introduced me to Turntable Kitchen with a one month gift subscription. Before you roll your eyes at another subscription box, this one is different. Turntable Kitchen has been a blog bringing together music and recipes. They were so successful at it, they introduced their blog to your doorstep, The Pairings Box. It's three recipes with a main ingredient and comes with a limited edition 7" vinyl from an up and coming indie band. Mine was turmeric as the main ingredient and I got IYES 7" with a limited edition cover of Beyonce's Crazy in Love with less than 150 copies made of the type of vinyl I got. 

I love cooking and always having music going, it seemed like such a natural concept and it's been executed beautifully. I cooked a turmeric chicken with mint orange salad, and served it with their jalapeño agave lemonade (I added mint to mine). I played it on my portable turntable and it's small enough to fit in the kitchen. The recipe cards come on high quality card stock, so if you get it a little messy, they'll survive. TK also carries a wooden box for their vinyls and recipe cards. The whole gift was wonderful- the discovery of new music on vinyl (it always sounds better on vinyl), the recipes, which were healthy and can easily be substituted if needed, and the discovery of new food, and my growing love for cooking. Thank you Ashley! Obviously I sent the thank you card too soon! Check out Turntable Kitchen and their subscriptions

Uncommon Goods Handmade Jewelry

Let’s get the FTC Disclosure out of the way- I was approached by Uncommon Goods for a review of one of their handmade pieces for compensation. I chose the product I would love to wear (it was a tough choice because they carry so many great designs) and this is my organic review on the product. 

One of the many reasons I wanted to work with Uncommon Goods is they offer handmade jewelry from an artist. I chose the Record Cuff bracelet from American designer Jeff Davis. He took old vinyl thrown out (I hope my bracelet was something awesome like a Beatles record) and shaped it with rhodium plated brass. The cuff is recyclable, used from material already available, and can be adjusted to fit a custom size when run it under hot water. Before I reviewed it, I wore it all week to make sure this is something I wanted to recommend. I love it! It goes with everything since it’s black and this doesn’t flare up my sensitive skin. From a distance, it does look like a regular cuff bracelet but up close, the detail is sharp. If you’re an LP junkie, you’ll be able to spot the texture. This is a perfect gift for the vinyl collector in your life. You can check out what else they carry here. 

Uncommon Goods is also offering a scholarship contest to a handmade jewelry designer. You'll win $1,000 plus the opportunity to work with Uncommon Goods and expand your portfolio. You can learn more about the contest here

Where The Magic Happens for Harveys (plus a giveaway! NOW CLOSED)

Being an adult has it's perks sometimes. I pay my bills on time and I get to buy what I wanted as a kid. When I was 18, I got a job at Nothing Shocking, a small but cool piercing and apparel shop in Orange County. When I stacked Harveys bags in the shop, I remember thinking I'd never own one, it was too expensive. Now I have a fun collection in my closet. Everything always comes full circle and now I had a chance to design my own custom bag with them. The design process was fun, and since I was working with only one design, the hard choices were the colors. I went with something I can wear all the time, and yes, there's a surprise of pink in the lining. 

Of course there's pink on it. The bias is pink, so when it gets full and stretches out, the pink pops out. 

Of course there's pink on it. The bias is pink, so when it gets full and stretches out, the pink pops out. 

The Streamlined Tote is versatile. The few days I've had a chance to use it, it's survived being packed with groceries, library books, photography gear and just my general everyday Mary Poppins bag I carry with me. You can check out more of the bag here! 

Ok so before you wonder how much I was paid for "sponsored" Harveys post this week, I wasn't. And it's not sponsored. Working with Harveys was something I've been wanting to cross off my blogger bucket list (yes that's really a thing). Not only did I get to tour the factory and meet Dana and the design team, but I had the opportunity to design my own custom bag (the more I say, it still sounds as cool as the first time). The 18 year kid in me is over the moon. I've always loved the bags but now I have a new agenda for using them. After touring the factory and checking out behind the scenes, my bag isn't just a bag. It's an idea to something bigger, and it made a journey *cue the cheesy background music* But seriously, there's a new found respect for Harveys and I'm so grateful to be a small part of it (ok, like really small but just let me have this moment).

Apparently "Good Looking" is a skill required on your resume to work at Harveys.

Apparently "Good Looking" is a skill required on your resume to work at Harveys.

Harveys donated one Chelsea bag worth $178. The giveaway is open to international readers, you'll get a piece of California if you win. It ends in one week, and winner will be emailed. If the winner doesn't reply within 7 days, you snooze you lose! I'll offer it to the next runner up. Enter below. If you don't see the embedded info, click here to enter. Good luck! Thanks again to Harveys for the giveaway! 

Locals Only; Harveys Original Seatbelt Bags

I love bags; I’m kind of a crazy bag lady. My favorites are Louis Vuitton, Marc Jacobs, and Harveys. Wait. What?? Yes, Harveys! While the other designer brand names have status of luxury and style, Harvey’s status is happy, while still being stylish. I’ve mentioned Harveys before but they deserve their own highlight. Harveys resides in Santa Ana, where it began with Dana making his wife, Melanie, a purse handmade out of seat belts almost 20 years ago. That single bag gained an influx of other bag followers and this became Harveys. Harveys is a successful company that can go wherever they want- LA, even NYC, but they decided to stay in OC where their roots began. They’ve grown from popular bags to cult status when Disney licensed with them and following collaborations with artists and brands. You can’t have your Mickey ears without your Harveys bag! To make it even more fun, Harveys has First Fridays, a collection of bags (usually a limited edition) and they sell quick. Dana didn’t just think he could bank off a fun idea, he has background in sewing and designing. The original bag he designed is his favorite, and has become iconic to the brand. They've expanded from bags to accessories over the years. 

I love what Harveys represents-- they’re environmentally responsible, charitable, and have big plans to make a greener factory. Plus they’re 100% made in the USA. When I had a chance to tour the factory, I was blown away. They do everything in the building, from shipping, customer service call center, to their own screen printing for the lining of the bags. I know where my money was going when I buy from them. I support a local, conscientious company. They also stand by their product--so much, they offer a lifetime warranty...yes, a lifetime. I can’t remember the last time I read about an American company offering a lifetime of anything. I think my Marc Jacobs bag lasted me 4 years. At least Harveys has the bag spa-- drop your bag off or mail it in and let your bag have a day to be pampered come back to you as good as new.

When they expand, they’d like to give tours, and have customers design their own bags. I hung out a little bit with the design and social media team and they’re just as fun as the bags are. They’re funny, full of energy, and you can’t pick a favorite because you love them all.

You can follow them Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, read what they're blogging, see what they're pinning and shop online or both of their locations. Upstairs on the third level, they have a mini-museum of all the artists they've collaborated with, something fun to check out while you're there. 

Harveys Santa Ana 
3011 N. Main Street 
Santa Ana, CA 92705 

Harveys Chino Hills 
13865 City Center Dr, Ste 3055 
Chino Hills, CA 91709 

Locals Only is a series on blog highlighting Anaheim and surrounding areas in the OC. If you're a small business and would like exposure on this blog, I love supporting local business'. Contact me here.

Fantastic Mr. Fox Criterion Collection Edition

First, I should explain what The Criterion Collection is. It began back in the 80's when a film company wanted to distribute their favorite movies in the highest quality. When there is the recognizable "C" Criterion logo on a movie, it means it was formatted in the best technical format available. In other words, it's a collectors edition for film nerds. 

Fantastic Mr. Fox was released in 2009, but the collector's edition on Criterion Collection (CC) just came out last week and it was worth the five year wait. I've collected the CC editions of Wes Anderson over the years. Anderson makes great films, but when he remade Roald Dahl's version on film, I think he would make a better children's director. It was adorable, funny, and clean (you know, like not something you'd be embarrassed to watch with your grandparents) but most importantly, it'll hold for decades just like Dahl's story has. The blu-ray comes with a booklet on a brief description on the making of the film, but it's worth purchasing the book published on it. 

oh and I have to honorably mention the new "backdrop"- a new rug purchased from Target. Never trust the color on Target's website, the color is much more vibrant in real life