I'll Have Pink Christmas

For the past 3 Christmas', I've been collecting pink themed ornaments. It's not exactly an inviting color for the traditional holiday, but it's a conversation starter. Sadly, when my in-laws cleaned out their garage, they cleaned out my decorations and ornaments. The only thing salvaged was the pink tree. It was bittersweet- I loved shopping for new ones but I missed our old decorations.

I thrifted great ornaments, but I also treated myself to one from an artist I've had in mind forever, my very own Skunkboy Creatures ornate bird. Katie did a wonderful job and it'll be something I'll treasure for years.

Another thing she did a wonderful job on? Raising her daughter, Hope, to be so sweet. My heart grew ten sizes larger when I read her note and saw her handmade ornament. It's one of the most adorable things I've seen and the story behind it makes it extra sweet.

We have a few Kate Gabrielle pieces around the house (a calendar, a Diana camera painting, her Flapper Doodle prints and color books to name a few), we've added this house she modeled after ours. Look at it! The details are spot on, from the house colors to the color of the roof, the exact house address, and our pink Christmas tree! The only thing missing is the California snow (haaaa, I wish!).

I also got a heart plate set from Ana B. from On Dressing Up. I loved the mini plates, but I loved the card she wrote me even more. It reminded me of the amazing power the internet carries to hold friendships and memories even from miles away. Cheers to handmade and loved gifts!

A Blogger's Christmas

You and I have never met, yet it's amusing knowing what's going on in your life, your career, your weekend, anything I read, that you share. If we share so much of our lives with each other throughout the year, why not celebrate the holidays together?

Micaela from Dolce Vita is hosting a holiday ornament swap here.
I love this idea because we all get to have a little bit of Christmas together, and the rules to participate are not intimating, it's friendly to recessionista's, and it's an extra step to get get all fuzzy and christmasy with you. Plus, with ornaments, you don't have to hang on tree's. Hang them up wherever you want Christmas.
Here are some ideas for the ornament swap, click on photo to designate to etsy seller.

Carly from a girl and her blog, is also hosting a Holiday Swap. I didn't realize the sign up's were now closed (i'm a terrible blogger), but so excited to get this one going!

Do you know of any other holiday swaps in the blogging community? Do share and I'll be happy to add it to the list! ♥

Sunday's Best

I don't cook much, like at all. I burn rice all the time, overcook the dumplings, and our veggies look discolored and sad by the time I'm done with them. The best thing I can do for food and everyone around me is to eat it and do nothing else. I did get a little creative for Valentine's Day, but that is about it.

I was challenged when I found Naomi Rose's blog, The Gluttonous Vegan. (Side note + If you are not familiar with her, she has the most amazing, amazing photographs. She also makes one of the most awesome tributes to Polaroid, if you haven't seen it. I call her a double threat, she is a great photographer and a mad cook in the kitchen. End side note) Her recipes are an abundance of spices and health. Just reading them makes you hungry.

I decided to try the Spicy Bean Stew with Cinnamon, and the Raspberry Chocolate Cupcakes It was possibly the most easiest dinner I have ever done and I felt for a moment like if I was missing out on this, I must be missing out on life. The ultimate test was Scott. He is not a picky eater, but when it comes to my cooking, let's just say he is a really nice guy and is inhumanly patient. He loved it. We not only had it for dinner, but we had it for breakfast as well. It was that good!

//i can't really figure out how to make soup look pretty...//
//cupcake city//

Recipe for cupcakes here.
Recipe for soup, here.