Star Wars Reads Day + A Giveaway (Closed!)

Oct 10th is Star Wars Reads Day, a global event where retailers, libraries, bookstores and all readers alike combine forces (heh!) in honor of Star Wars literature. I'm looking forward to the movie and it comes out December 18, and that gives me enough time to re-watch and catch up on all the movies. I'm also excited for the merchandise coming out. Yes, I'm that sucker that will buy anything with the licensed logon on it. I've seen a few collaborations and one of my favorites so far is the Cover Girl set. I think I've visited every CVS/Walgreens/Target in the Orange County area trying to get my hands on it a couple weeks ago. Now that I have, it's the perfect opportunity to give it away to a lucky reader and Star Wars fan. I know there are good handful of you out there! 

What You Win: $52 worth of Cover Girl/Star Wars make up and one copy of the YA Star Wars book, Journey to Star Wars: The Force Awakens Lost Stars 

Who Can Win: US only, sorry! 

When: Giveaway starts right now and ends in 7 days, Oct 15th 

How You Can Win: Since this giveaway is meant for readers of this blog, I'll go by the honor system and trust when you enter you're becoming a new reader, already are a blog follower, or follow elsewhere (Instagram, Tumblr, etc.) I'm trying to grow my readership and hoping to find a community of women who love Star Wars, books and makeup (what a perfect combo of a giveaway, right?)

Fill out the form below to enter. Your email will never be shared and as soon as the giveaway is over and winner has been confirmed, I'll delete your information. Good luck! 

Update! Giveaway is closed! Thanks everyone for entering! 

Marvel Monday: Black Widow's Forever Red Book Review

You don't need to know the history of Natasha Romanov (AKA Black Widow) to read this book. If you've never picked up a comic in your life, ever had any interest in superheroes don't let that stop you from having any interests at all. You don't need to know the whole history, know the artists, writes, issue numbers, or volume collections. Even the differences between the movies and the comics and pick them apart. What's important is you have an interest in something; I think it's wonderful and you should grow that interest. If you're interested in getting into it, this book is a perfect start. 

Black Widow: Forever Red

I got Forever Red book during BEA/BookCon, and it's been sitting on my shelf for months. At first, the title sounded like a Taylor Swift song to me (later on I found out it's actually a perfume from her, ha) but I finally got around to reading it and I finished it in 3 days. It was so good.  It's a YA book from a YA writer, Margaret Stohl, from famed Beautiful Creatures series. She's an unexpected author for Natasha but captures her so well in her writing, it gave me a better glimpse of her character beyond the comics. Natasha is fighting off her emotions but even after years of suppressing what happened to her in the Red Room (a Russian operation to train young orphan girls to become assassins and spies) she deals with her deadly father figure. There's a new character, Ava Orlova, and without giving much away, and they help each other throughout the book in unexpected plots with an adventurous twist. 

Marvel doesn't have much marketing on Black Widow so I was surprised this book was published. At this point, as a Black Widow fan, I will take anything I can get, and this is a book I will happily support. If Marvel notices a jump in book sales, maybe they'll finally bite for a movie. Preorder the book here

Friday Darlings

Every Friday I have a weekly collection of things I find darling

I'm doing a giveaway of the Ms Marvel series (worth $50). I loved it so much (full review here) I wanted to pass it along to someone who would be interested. I wasn't sure if blog readers would be up for it, so I'm hosting it on tumblr. Enter here! 

I'm doing a giveaway of the Ms Marvel series (worth $50). I loved it so much (full review here) I wanted to pass it along to someone who would be interested. I wasn't sure if blog readers would be up for it, so I'm hosting it on tumblr. Enter here

Moonrise Kingdom Criterion Collection

Moonrise Kingdom was released on Criterion Collection and I'm so excited to finally own it after pre-ordering it in June. I'm a bit of a movie nerd when it comes to Wes Anderson and I can't own anything less than the Criterion Collection edition (if you rolled your eyes at that sentence, it's okay, I deserve it). Just a quick summary of what the CC is- it's the best of the best when it comes to movies to video distributing. It takes years (Moonrise Kingdom came out in 2012 and it took 3 years for a DVD release on CC), but they are worth the wait. Each movie, especially this one, is filled with film related ephemera. The packaging is as adorable as the movie. Here are some of the contents included! 

Marvel Monday: Torrid + Marvel

Torrid recently collaborated with Marvel and it's teamwork I am 100% behind. Torrid is one of my favorite clothing brands. It's made for women in sizes 12 and up and I love the quality. I've had a few pieces from them in my wardrobe that have lasted me a few seasons (and survived a few fittings to alter to a smaller size because I loved the pieces so much) and I'm so happy to add Marvel to it. I picked up this Black Widow tank. If you're not familiar with Black Widow, aka Natasha Romanov (other alias' Natalia, Alianovna, Romanova, Romanoff, Romanoffa) She made her first appearance in Tales of Suspense #52 in 1959 She's a Soviet spy who originally worked for Russia but after working with the Avengers, she now has her own comic book and is a regular character in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. 

Details- Tank, Torrid. Jeans, Old Navy. Faux leather jacket, Costco (yes, COSTCO!). Flats, Sam Edelman (they come in wide, amen). Glasses, Bon Look. Lipstick, Laura Mercia in Red Amour

A Near Death Resilience

Sometimes I wonder why I do half the things I do on my blog, or why I even have a blog. Why do I bother with outfit posts? Why do I bother reviewing a book? Why is my opinion so special I feel I need a whole blog devoted to how I live my life? I keep going back and forth on deleting this blog but something keeps telling me to keep going. Even the doubt in the back of my head that I’m so familiar with is telling me to not post this. It’s also the same voice that tells me to not bother getting out of bed so it’s not a muscle I like to flex by listening to it much. When there’s fear, it’s for good reason. And I hope that fear is a reason is to help someone else out there. I’m not any better than the next person who deals with anxiety and depression but I’d like to think I have a handle on things since I’ve made it this far, so I think I’m doing okay. And I promise you will too. 

This blog is really a testimony. It will tell a new reader that horrible things will happen in life but it’ll be okay. You’ll go outside again, and it’ll inspire you so much it will lead to a series of events that represent hope- You’ll be able to get up and get dressed and you’ll feel so cute you’ll want to share it. You’ll go back to your old hobbies like reading, visiting museums, trying new things, and watching TV, and reconnecting with things you forgot about and loving it so much you decide to share those with the world, too. When something tragic happens, I can't imagine it won't change the person just a little. Some things you thought you loved, you'll be okay letting go. You may not like the things you thought you liked right away, but in the process, you'll find yourself, even if you don't recognize the person, you're worth getting to know all over again.

Be patient, you'll find your happiness

It's not my place to promise you everything in your circumstance will be okay, but I can tell you your circumstances don’t define you. Something terrible happened to you and it’s not who you are, I can promise that.

Black To Basics

I will never ever tire of an LBD. I can wear it on it's own just fine but when it has cool details like this one, I don't feel as pressured to add accessories. It probably sounds lazy but you're also reading a "fashion" post from a blogger who can't look at the camera without bursting out laughing. I can't take these outfit posts seriously but guys, I'm really trying. 

I really love this dress. Instead of thinking, wow, nice details, I couldn't help but think, yes, Cindy Moon (a fictional comic book character) would rock this dress IRL. Obviously, comics are getting to me. But it has a very cool spider-web vibe. If I was hosting a chic Halloween party, this would be the dress to wear. Instead, I wore it to the Cerritos Sculpture Garden. It was a nice day to stay in with the AC but I really wanted to go out in the heat and melt a little but at least I looked cute, right? 

Details- Dress, Gwynnie Bee (available here and in non-plus size here outside of the subscription service). Flats, J.Crew, second hand. Glasses, Jack and Norma from Bon Look in Chai. // Wow, there is really nothing to accessorize with this dress and it's one of my favorites. Photos taken at Cerritos Sculpture Garden

Marvel Monday: Wanda Maximoff Plus Size Costume

Last year I blogged some great Halloween ready to wear costumes but this year I wanted to get a little more creative. Halloween is as close as cosplay that I'll get and I'm excited to feature a handful of Marvel characters I love in the next few weeks. These items are all under $50 and made for plus-sized women. I'm starting with Wanda Maximoff, AKA The Scarlett Witch costume from Avengers: Age of Ultron. Her powers are telepathy and and telekinesis, or in the words of Maria Hill, "She's weird." 

Details: Jacket, F21. Leather cuffs, Runnickyrun on etsy. Lace henley shirt dress, Torrid (right now it's BOGO half off. Check website for code). Black combat boots, Target. Thigh high socks, Amazon. Dark red polish, Palate Polish.

Any Given Chambray

I had the hardest time finding a chambray shirt that fit me, my big bust, and was comfortable. If I did find a great chambray, I was so worried I would sneeze, the buttons would come flying off. I never imagined to look in the men's section because, you know, it's the men's section but it's opened up a new shopping field for me. Men's clothes fall easier I noticed, they're not as restrained to keep those curves like most women's clothing. They are also slightly cheaper, even with the same fabric. I picked up this chambray from the men's section at J.Crew and it's my favorite shirt right now. 

Details- Chambray, J.Crew Men's section. Black pants, Torrid. Leopard flats, J.Crew (second hand). Bag, LV Speedy. Bracelet, Kate Spade. Lipstick, Stila Beso, Sephora. Glasses, Jack & Norma in Chai, BonLook

The 52 Lists Project Book + A Giveaway {Giveaway Closed}

I have been sitting on this gem for some time and I'm so excited to finally share. Friend, fellow blogger, and just all around inspiration Moorea Seal released her new book, 52 Lists Project. I knew when I was asked to review a copy I would like it. I didn't expect to love it so much. If you love Moorea's aesthetic, you will love this book. A couple years ago, she began her weekly lists post on her personal blog and dived into documenting what she loves, what challenges her, and what she thrives on. The readers were able to participate on their own and it became one of her most popular posts. Forward to today, it's now in hardback and it's so so beautiful. The details are what make the book- the thick pages, the gold trim and spine (imagine how beautiful it will look on your bookshelf), and the contents of the book may be slim since it's a diary, but they're powerful topics. I am kicking myself every year for not doing more scrapbooking. I want to do something a little more than journaling, I want to leave a little bit of a who I was, who I'm growing to be, and this is a good start. Below are some sneak peeks of what's inside. 

I feel honored to not only introduce 52 Lists Project Book, but one of my US readers will be winning a copy. Fill out the form below to enter. If you don't want to wait to win, you can buy it on Amazon or directly from Moorea Seal Shop. Giveaway ends in 7 days and winner will be chosen at random via Your email and information will be deleted and never shared once giveaway has ended. Good luck! 

UPDATE! Thank you everyone who entered. The winner is now emailed and if they don't reply within 2 days, I will try another winner.