Disposable Decor

This is my own organic post but it's promoted by Kleenex. They're turning 90 and I was invited to be a part of their birthday campaign. Thanks for the support, Kleenex

In my house we're passionate about reusing what we can to save money and the environment- cotton dish towels, cloth napkins, even using old tshirts as cleaning cloths. Two things I will never reuse- tissues and toilet paper. Those are a bit fat NOPE. With allergy season coming, and re-watching Friday Night Lights, I need some Kleenex nearby. Kleenex boxes match each vignette and every corner decorated, you can check out what they have for spring in their new line of designs. 

I just picked up my first succulent. I put in the warmest part of the house and it thrives on the heat. 

I also keep a box in my office, along with my three favorite people- Scott, Johnny and Hello Kitty. Just an FYI, I use this wall mount for my iMac, it saves me space and I can add a huge box of tissues. 

I also keep the pocket sized ones by the couch. The designs go with everything in the house. I found neutral, a more traditional, and even a brighter fun colorful kind. 

Thanks again, Kleenex! 

I Love You, A Beautiful Mess Photoshop Actions

I can't stop playing with ABM's new Photoshop actions and I love them. Here are some favorites

My absolute favorite combo so far is the Celeste from the Fresh Collection with the Pomegranate at a lower opacity. It was a little overwhelming for me at first, but there's a great tutorial here on how to get started. Now I can't step away from my computer and I have a new love for editing my photos. 

On top of working on my blog, I also style photos for companies and shops. I used the filters with Nicole on her new product, the handmade felt flower ampersand from her Felt Flower Shop. She's the first person I tested these treatments with and she loved them. I highly recommend these to step up your filter game. This would great in engagement or wedding photos or even a birth announcement (sorry, kids, this isn't a birth announcement). My husband also made a great prop! Thanks, Scotty! <3

You can buy the ampersand here and check out the Photoshop actions here. 

Where The Magic Happens for Harveys (plus a giveaway! NOW CLOSED)

Being an adult has it's perks sometimes. I pay my bills on time and I get to buy what I wanted as a kid. When I was 18, I got a job at Nothing Shocking, a small but cool piercing and apparel shop in Orange County. When I stacked Harveys bags in the shop, I remember thinking I'd never own one, it was too expensive. Now I have a fun collection in my closet. Everything always comes full circle and now I had a chance to design my own custom bag with them. The design process was fun, and since I was working with only one design, the hard choices were the colors. I went with something I can wear all the time, and yes, there's a surprise of pink in the lining. 

Of course there's pink on it. The bias is pink, so when it gets full and stretches out, the pink pops out. 

Of course there's pink on it. The bias is pink, so when it gets full and stretches out, the pink pops out. 

The Streamlined Tote is versatile. The few days I've had a chance to use it, it's survived being packed with groceries, library books, photography gear and just my general everyday Mary Poppins bag I carry with me. You can check out more of the bag here! 

Ok so before you wonder how much I was paid for "sponsored" Harveys post this week, I wasn't. And it's not sponsored. Working with Harveys was something I've been wanting to cross off my blogger bucket list (yes that's really a thing). Not only did I get to tour the factory and meet Dana and the design team, but I had the opportunity to design my own custom bag (the more I say, it still sounds as cool as the first time). The 18 year kid in me is over the moon. I've always loved the bags but now I have a new agenda for using them. After touring the factory and checking out behind the scenes, my bag isn't just a bag. It's an idea to something bigger, and it made a journey *cue the cheesy background music* But seriously, there's a new found respect for Harveys and I'm so grateful to be a small part of it (ok, like really small but just let me have this moment).

Apparently "Good Looking" is a skill required on your resume to work at Harveys.

Apparently "Good Looking" is a skill required on your resume to work at Harveys.

Harveys donated one Chelsea bag worth $178. The giveaway is open to international readers, you'll get a piece of California if you win. It ends in one week, and winner will be emailed. If the winner doesn't reply within 7 days, you snooze you lose! I'll offer it to the next runner up. Enter below. If you don't see the embedded info, click here to enter. Good luck! Thanks again to Harveys for the giveaway! 

Friday Darlings

Every Friday I have a weekly collection of things I find darling.

+ I've been playing around with ABM's new Photoshop actions. Photoshop makes me lose a few hairs when I log in. I went from editing with iPhoto to just barely learning Lightroom. I wanted Photoshop for fun effects and this is a less stressful way to ease into it. My favorite action right now is a mix- The Nina from the Signature Collection with 50% sun drench effect + The Pomegranate from the Complete Bonus Collection + Forest from the Folk Collection. I'll share more favorite combos as I learn. 

+ Kate is giving away a PINK record player. Enter here and good luck. 

+ If you're local, Hello Apparel will be at Land of Nod in South Coast Plaza tomorrow

+ Amtrak is looking for writers to ride across the US for free. Read the details here. 

+ oh hello friend has new workshops, another local treat. 

+ I signed up for my first Influence Network class, sign up with me?

+ Flora love plus a bonus

+ I love this idea- sending books to people behind bars

+ Love love love this wedding photographer.

+ My work around the internet- I worked with Nicole on The Felt Flower Shop, and my photos were published on Refinery 29

+ Learn how to pick the freshest flowers at the farmer's market.

+ It's Friday night, pizza night!

+ This is a really old article but my fellow Disneyland fiend/friend tweeted it and I had to share it with you, I think many can relate. This is one of the best things I've ever read on growing up in Orange County. 

Enjoy your Friday <3 

Locals Only; Harveys Original Seatbelt Bags

I love bags; I’m kind of a crazy bag lady. My favorites are Louis Vuitton, Marc Jacobs, and Harveys. Wait. What?? Yes, Harveys! While the other designer brand names have status of luxury and style, Harvey’s status is happy, while still being stylish. I’ve mentioned Harveys before but they deserve their own highlight. Harveys resides in Santa Ana, where it began with Dana making his wife, Melanie, a purse handmade out of seat belts almost 20 years ago. That single bag gained an influx of other bag followers and this became Harveys. Harveys is a successful company that can go wherever they want- LA, even NYC, but they decided to stay in OC where their roots began. They’ve grown from popular bags to cult status when Disney licensed with them and following collaborations with artists and brands. You can’t have your Mickey ears without your Harveys bag! To make it even more fun, Harveys has First Fridays, a collection of bags (usually a limited edition) and they sell quick. Dana didn’t just think he could bank off a fun idea, he has background in sewing and designing. The original bag he designed is his favorite, and has become iconic to the brand. They've expanded from bags to accessories over the years. 

I love what Harveys represents-- they’re environmentally responsible, charitable, and have big plans to make a greener factory. Plus they’re 100% made in the USA. When I had a chance to tour the factory, I was blown away. They do everything in the building, from shipping, customer service call center, to their own screen printing for the lining of the bags. I know where my money was going when I buy from them. I support a local, conscientious company. They also stand by their product--so much, they offer a lifetime warranty...yes, a lifetime. I can’t remember the last time I read about an American company offering a lifetime of anything. I think my Marc Jacobs bag lasted me 4 years. At least Harveys has the bag spa-- drop your bag off or mail it in and let your bag have a day to be pampered come back to you as good as new.

When they expand, they’d like to give tours, and have customers design their own bags. I hung out a little bit with the design and social media team and they’re just as fun as the bags are. They’re funny, full of energy, and you can’t pick a favorite because you love them all.

You can follow them Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, read what they're blogging, see what they're pinning and shop online or both of their locations. Upstairs on the third level, they have a mini-museum of all the artists they've collaborated with, something fun to check out while you're there. 

Harveys Santa Ana 
3011 N. Main Street 
Santa Ana, CA 92705 

Harveys Chino Hills 
13865 City Center Dr, Ste 3055 
Chino Hills, CA 91709 

Locals Only is a series on our.city.lights blog highlighting Anaheim and surrounding areas in the OC. If you're a small business and would like exposure on this blog, I love supporting local business'. Contact me here.

Fantastic Mr. Fox Criterion Collection Edition

First, I should explain what The Criterion Collection is. It began back in the 80's when a film company wanted to distribute their favorite movies in the highest quality. When there is the recognizable "C" Criterion logo on a movie, it means it was formatted in the best technical format available. In other words, it's a collectors edition for film nerds. 

Fantastic Mr. Fox was released in 2009, but the collector's edition on Criterion Collection (CC) just came out last week and it was worth the five year wait. I've collected the CC editions of Wes Anderson over the years. Anderson makes great films, but when he remade Roald Dahl's version on film, I think he would make a better children's director. It was adorable, funny, and clean (you know, like not something you'd be embarrassed to watch with your grandparents) but most importantly, it'll hold for decades just like Dahl's story has. The blu-ray comes with a booklet on a brief description on the making of the film, but it's worth purchasing the book published on it. 

oh and I have to honorably mention the new "backdrop"- a new rug purchased from Target. Never trust the color on Target's website, the color is much more vibrant in real life

Candelles, All Natural Soy Wax

Candelles candles are made in the USA, use 100% soy wax and scent their candles with essential oils rather than chemicals compared to paraffin wax. They also go the extra mile to use non-treated lead free cotton wicks, and no dye. Soy wax lasts twice as long than conventional wax, they don't give off carbon dioxide, they burn cleaner (less soot!), and I just feel safer breathing in soy wax. 

If that's not enough to want to purchase, there's the packaging. It comes in a golden box with it's own gold foil matches. If that's not luxury for a candle, I couldn't find another candle to top that. It also doesn't have the luxury price. I've bought all kinds of candles from the clearance section at Target to the higher end Diptyche but they either have an overbearing smell, or the packaging doesn't look as good. Candelles has both! Pink Champagne is one of their new scents for Spring- it's sweet, has a tart underlining but not overwhelming. They just came out with a monthly subscription. It's cheaper to get the full year, but you can also get them month to month. One of the things I love about blogging is getting to know the people behind the brand, and I love Kelley and her candles.  

For the love of common sense, don't ever light a candle under roses, this is purely for aesthetic purposes. 

Find Candelles on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Kelly is offering 15% off with code OURCITYLIGHTS good until 3/7/14. Thanks, Kelley! This is a sponsor for Spring 2014, but all opinions on the product are my own. 

Friday Darlings

Every Friday I have a weekly collection of things I find darling.

I had an opportunity to visit the Harvey's store this week. I met the Harvey's team, had a behind the scenes tour, and even designed my own bag (!!!!) I think I posted my favorite moments of February too soon, this would have been one of them. Can't wait to share! 

I had an opportunity to visit the Harvey's store this week. I met the Harvey's team, had a behind the scenes tour, and even designed my own bag (!!!!) I think I posted my favorite moments of February too soon, this would have been one of them. Can't wait to share! 

+ Before and After

+ This is why I love Kristen

+ Stumped for writing? Follow Danielle's prompts 

+ Did you know if you make over $2,000 a year for your blog, or Instagram account, it's considered a business? If you use Paypal, they'll report your funds made to the IRS, even when you don't. Here are some tips on getting the most out of your business with Uncle Sam

+ Shopped Tatttoos 

+ Makeup tips for girls with glasses

+ Who's going tomorrow? I'll see you there, rain or shine. 

+ It's Friday, pizza night

+ I'm spending a lot of time here lately


+ Hey California, before you start complaining about the rain this weekend, read this 

Enjoy your weekend! 

February 2014 Favorites

Let's take a look back at favorites for February 2014

feb 2014 favorites.jpg

Favorite Instagram feed is brittnimehlhoff. I love her vivid colors, creative DIY projects, and she shares her business travels and doings. You can tell she loves her job and when she posts, it's a punch of quirk and style. 

Favorite purchase is renewing my CSA. Organic food direct to your door? I forgot the luxury of it. If you sign up and use code 6164, you get $10 off your first order. 

Favorite moment was meeting Moorea Seal. I've known her for years (yes, I had to double check, it's been years). It was like catching up with an old friend, there were lots of tears, most from laughing. Her silly side goes as deep as her sensitive side.

Favorite book was Worth the Pain by Andy Marso. I normally would never pick up an inspirational book, they sometimes come off more pretentious than hopeful but I loved Andy's book. He's funny, honest about his anger, and with journalism degree under his belt, he's a natural story teller. He fought meningitis when he was supposed to die. He lost his hands and legs in the process, but he gained a new perspective. I loved the book so much, I finished it in one sitting. 

Favorite music is Owen's L' Ami De Peuple. Matt Kinsella does it again with his dreamy vocals and you can get lost in the speakers. I loved him in his Cap'n Jazz days but I've followed his career in Owen. The lyrics are earnest, the music is sweet, and he adds a little bit of country twang with electronic to his indie sound. He makes it work. 

Here's to March 2014! 

More Than a Pretty Cover: Design Bureau

I should clarify I'm not a designer, at all. I can appreciate beautiful things and the engineering of them but photoshop is one big math equation to me and the only font I'm familiar with is the Wes Anderson futura font. 

Fab always has magazine sales and a couple years ago, I subscribed to Design Bureau. Ever since then, I've been an avid reader of the magazine. Unlike other design magazines, it's not geared toward high budget clients, this magazine is for the struggling creative professional to the industry leader. Design Bureau isn't just pretty to look at, it's filled with educational dialogue on design. There's writing on music, home tours, architectures, historical landmarks, well designed products to make our life easier. Everything is digital now and there's something therapeutic about flipping through a magazine than zoning out on Pinterest. I'll gladly give up fashion magazines for space to house Design Bureau. I've looked back at my issues from a couple years ago and I still learn something from it. When I'm feeling stumped for creativity, I browse through the magazine for some inspiration. You can subscribe here and right now they're having a half off sale. 

Another thing I should clarify- I'm not working with Design Bereau, and this isn't affiliated. They have no idea I exist, I just really like the magazine and thought I'd pass it along. 

StickyGram Giveaway

I've been collaborating with StickyGram for some time and they've grown from being known as Instagram photos on high quality magnets. Now they're growing their brand and have reached out to make phone and tablet cases. I'm lucky to be one of the first people to test it out and I love them!  They are the éclat of Instagram- one of the first companies to create something with the photo sharing site and this is a big step up from being on our fridge to being on our daily used electronic devices. 

I was asked to review these products in exchange for a review. Since I have a relationship with StickyGram, I want to support them as much as I can and agreed. Just like I'm honest in all my reviews, this is no different. 

I chose three iPhone 5 covers and they fit my 5S really well. To make the covers was really easy, the hard part was choosing! You can design it any way you'd like in collages, stacked, or even one photo. I chose three different themes- floral, Merry and Scott wanted one for his phone and he chose his favorite ones, too. I chose a food theme for my iPad mini since I use it in my kitchen the most. There are more photos here if you want to check them out. This isn't a case for heavy duty, but considering how lightweight they are, the quality is great and doesn't add any bulk to my phone. However, if you drop your phone all the time, this isn't a case for that. For me, the personalization outweighs any bulky case and that's why I love these. The detail is great! I love telling people about Merry or showing off my prettiest Instagram pics.

This is a great addition to Stickygram, I can't wait to see how they grow the company more. You can make your own here or you can enter below for a chance to win a case! 

If you can't see the giveaway entry, enter HERE. Good luck! This is open to international readers, and will be open for 7 days. Winner will be contacted by email. If the winner doesn't reply within 7 days, I'm choosing another one. Thanks! 

Yum! Creamy Black Bean Dip

This recipe is so easy, I thought I'd just make a quick snack and not bother bringing out my camera. I was so wrong. It's so delicious, my iPhone photo doesn't do it justice. 

1 can of black beans, drained, rinsed

1/2 cilantro leaves

1/4 cup of salsa

1/4 cup of plain Greek yogurt

1/2 teaspoon ground cumin (or sub with chili powder)

1/2 teaspoon sea salt

1 clove of garlic, minced

Put in a mini food processor and pulse until smooth. I served with organic blue corn tortillas, or serve on your next taco night. SO GOOD! This recipe was from e-meals, a paid service to bring me recipes each week for meal planning rather than hunting down the internet on what to eat. Thought I'd pass it along! 

Friday Darlings

Every Friday I have a weekly collection of things I find darling.

So, I worked on this post all week and when I hit publish, i hit something on accident and I don't know where it went. It wasn't deleted or published, but it's not in my drafts. Weird. So if it shows up twice on your feed, my apologies! 

+ I've had my Christmas doormat up and it's clearly way past Christmas. I found this powerful but cute mat on Izola and I love the message on it even I don't want to keep going forward. 

+ Kam from Campfire Chic is on Kyla Roma's Creative Life Interview this week. In my own interview I mentioned how much of an inspiration Kam was for me and so happy to see Kyla picked her brain. 

+ Such a cool series. I see this often in my Instagram feed. 

+ This shirt is so funny and so needed. 

+ This tattoo is out of this world (haa, sorry) 

+ It's Friday night pizza donut night?! Yes, don't question it, just embrace it

+ This wonderful post makes me realize everything we share online is a gift. I know sometimes we don't all agree, but ultimately, we are not entitled to what people decide to blog about. Just a small reminder of the beauty on sharing online. 

+ Dani has a new blog makeover. Lookin' good

*UPDATE* I wrote this small piece to share on what grief does to a person. If you knew me in real life, my friends and family know I would never say this in my normal state of mind. I've gotten rude emails, comments (the nicer one I felt comfortable enough to publish and reply in the comment section) So please, before you scold me for being a terrible person- put yourself in my shoes- are you grieving parent? If not, for the love of humanity, let me be a human and grieve. My emotions for a lost son are messy, and please don't think I'm not in the process of cleaning up my own mess. God Bless! 

+ When I was getting my eyes checked at Costco, I broke down in front of the optometrist assistant when she asked me if I had kids. I told her Max's story and she said "You'll be fine, you'll have more kids to replace him". I was so angry and the mama bear in me let out a very rude "I hope when one of your parents die, you can know you can replace them, too". Clearly, she was young, and dumb and I should have let it go. Of course, I apologized later on my next trip to Costco but I get so angry when people don't think of Max as a person. This article said it so well for me. 

+ I get tagged often on pink houses on Instagram, I'm going to start sharing them. This gorgeous one from pelhamstuart makes me want to move to the midwest. Thanks Lexiiloo for sharing! 

+ This quote is so powerful for me right now, so beautiful. Thank you for sending it my way, Danielle.

+ Yes, I'm playing along. Fun

+ It sounds silly, but out of all the things I can't control in my life, I feel a sense of comfort on my blog. Life gets crazy and unmanageable, but even when I'm sick, I know I can count on it. Looking back at this year and my blog, I'm so happy I've yet to miss a post on this series. I hope you're enjoying it as much as I am. Happy Friday! 

Friday Darlings

Every Friday I have a weekly collection of things I find darling

I've been blogging from my kitchen lately and I love it. I love my office, but it's a mess right now. What I'm listening to on my phone in the photo is this album, it's been great blogging music (if that's even a thing). 

I've been blogging from my kitchen lately and I love it. I love my office, but it's a mess right now. What I'm listening to on my phone in the photo is this album, it's been great blogging music (if that's even a thing). 

+ I'm excited about this coffee blog

+ I shared a fun and quick recipe on Instagram.

+ Anxiety, depression, you know, all the fun stuff we never talk about, highlighted beautifully.

+  Gold and pink macaroons 

+ Heart shaped oven fries.

+ Jane Austen tattoos 

+ Food inspired Valentine's Card, so punny. 

+ From the archives- Heart shaped Vegan Donuts.

+ I love this series and a good reminder to start 'em young! 

+  I love this perspective on the conventional "what's in my bag" posts

+ In my beauty shopping cart 

+ Stock photos that will change the way we look at women. No more women laughing alone with salad. 

+ I wrote this piece before I was pregnant and dusted it off when Nicole asked me to write a piece for one of my favorite series, The Growing. I wrote it before Max died, but I still stand by every word. I told my baby I loved him everyday and every night. Even when I didn't have that emotional connection with him when I saw the ultrasound the first time, I knew it was relationship I would cherish and grow with forever that was founded on love, not emotions. It was halted due to a blood vessel bursting in utero to a healthy baby, completely unexplained, completely unpredicted, on the day I was to be induced. Valentine's Day is a little sad for me because last year I told the world he was coming to change ours. And boy, did he ever. 

I hope you have a great Valentine's Day. Tomorrow I'll be hunting for clearance items for all of the heart shaped things! 

Locals Only; RSSA Vintage

"Our name may be vintage, but we're brand spanking new" 

RSSA Vintage is a fairly new store that opened December 2012 in the Community retail row. They carry everything for your home from candles, books and working vintage rotary phones but their specialty is vintage-inspired new appliances. Going into their shop was like visiting a beautiful antique shop but without worrying if anything will work when you take it home- everything is new! Syna, the owner, has a great eye for decoration and she displays her shop beautifully. She's sweet, professional and will answer any questions you have about the coveted appliance. Her most popular item is the iconic Smeg Fridge. I've never seen one but only in photos and I'm blown away by the way they look in real life. If my fridge ever goes out, I know exactly what I'll be getting. My neighborhood loves historical and classic, and RSSA Vintage is a great addition to the area. You can even custom order with them if there's a color you want but don't see. They also take online sales and offer delivery and installation, you can contact them here

You can see more details of the shop here. 

RSSA VINTAGE Follow them on Instagram and Facebook
ANAHEIM, CA 92804 / Parking in front of store for easy pick up


(714) 225-8153
SYNA@RSSAVINTAGE.COM / They also offer delivery and installation

Locals Only is a series on our.city.lights blog highlighting Anaheim and surrounding areas in the OC. If you're a small business and would like exposure on this blog, I love supporting local business'. Contact me here.

New Camera Bag; Review of The Lula from Theit Bags

I love my Kelly Moore camera bag but I wanted something with more room. I've used diaper bags before to protect my gear (seriously, they work when you're in quick need), but with experience, I recommend investing in a great camera bag. There are so many out there, but rare as stylish as the one from Theit Bags, The Lula bag designed from one of my favorite blogger, Jen Lula. I've been looking for a bigger one for years, and I knew this was the one. I ordered it late last year and it has been worth the wait. It's even more beautiful in person! I wear all black, and I wanted to tone down the goth girl vibe a bit, so I chose the coral color. 

Yes, it's beautiful but it's very functional. The padding is so thick, and I feel comfortable leaving my most expensive lenses in the bag alone without their cases, but not thick enough that adds excess weight to my shoulder. They're also removable, I can customize it according to what I'll be carrying that day.

Those cute front pockets work, and there is a zipped large pocket on the back, as well as inside the bag. What I love best about it is it doesn't look like a camera bag- it's adorable! But don't let the cuteness fool you, it really is a workhorse! It can fit everything I want. 

In my camera bag- Canon 70D, 18mm lens, Lensbaby, Powershot S95, extra film, pancake lens, Diana camera, mini tripod, extra SD cards, extra battery, light bounce and SD card reader. I also fit my iPad Mini in the back pocket. So much room!

In my camera bag- Canon 70D, 18mm lens, Lensbaby, Powershot S95, extra film, pancake lens, Diana camera, mini tripod, extra SD cards, extra battery, light bounce and SD card reader. I also fit my iPad Mini in the back pocket. So much room!

I did notice there was this weird line going across the top flap of the bag. It doesn't bother me, but I thought it'd be worth mentioning since the bag is a little pricey. I already emailed them and I'll update the post with their reply. The rest of the details are well made and even though I've only used it for a day, I can tell it will take a few beatings while still looking great.

*** UPDATE! ***

I emailed Theit bags and they replied within 24 hours (within a few hours I emailed them actually). The line on the bag is a fold/wrinkle from the material, and it will go away overtime. They've never had a mark or defect, and they stood by their bag quality, they offered me a new one with the exchange I send the current one back. Honestly, I don't want to wait another day without my bag and since the fold will go away overtime, it's even better news since it didn't bother me to begin with but I can see it bother others. Plus I want to make sure I'm honest on everything I love and recommend. After the email with Nicole from Theit, it makes me love the company even more. I should also mention the bag isn't leather but a very strong resistant higher quality synthetic. I actually prefer it, because leather has more maintenance, this material feel like it could outlast some of my cameras. 

I totally recommend this bag. I trust Jen as a mom, a blogger, a photographer and as a friend. I know she wouldn't put her name on something she didn't believe in, and she wrote about the collaboration process. Another blogger I love, Brandy, was also involved with working with Theit bags and I trust her standards as well. After testing out this bag, this is something I love, too. Get your own Lula bag here! More photos here.

Pink Projecteo

I've had sunglasses, a bracelet and now a Instagram projector designed for me. I feel so honored with the relationships i've made with the most creative folks. I've mentioned Projecteo many times and all the projects involved with them (ICYMI, they're here, here, here, here, and here. Can you tell I love them?) The look on my face would have been picture worthy when I opened up the package I received from them- a custom PINK Projecteo! I feel so so honored. The current wheel I have for my projector is memories of Max and I will always treasure it, they hold a special place on my shelf. Projecteo is a great team I love working with and they were so so encouraging and patient when Max died. Most sponsors bailed (yes, as in see ya later!) and didn't wait, but they were so sweet. I can't praise them enough! Thank you, Projecteo!! 

It fits perfectly with my pink camera collection, too! 

Book Reviews

I mentioned a few posts ago I was working on a collaboration with Beca and Doug, owners of the fabulous Tumbleweed Handcraft, which include handmade wooden glasses, along with a handful of wooden products. I get to do what I love- read, then write about the books I loved or disliked. Please check it out!

I'd love to know your thoughts on the books- have you read them and what did you think? 

Friday Darlings

Every Friday I have a weekly collection of things I find darling

+ As I was reading blogs in email subscriptions- this blog post in particular, I grabbed the mail. Included was Everett's valentine card. It was such a cute, serendipitous moment. I have baby pictures of him on my fridge and it's a gift to see him grow into a little man. 

+ If you're local, Portola Coffee is donating $1 to CHD Awareness from every coffee purchase today only.

+ Before The Selby and Apartment Therapy, there were the original Brooklyn hipsters.

+ Marc Jacobs is taking social currency over cash money. WHAT.

+ If my cheap IKEA desk breaks (which could be any day), I'd love to do this. 

+ Eco-concious shopping: a beginner's guide.

+ Until Feb 9, Lomography is offering buy one get on free Diana Mini camera with code VALENTINEOFFER. 

+ It's Friday, pizza night! 

+ This was a good message for me, I promise I'll take a few hours to devote to emailing and replying to comments. Bloggers, Talk to your Readers.

+ I just watched Austenland, and loved the soundtrack. The voice sounded familiar and I knew it was Emmy The Great, an artist I've been listening to for years. So happy she's on her way up! Listen here, watch it here

+ I didn't organize my week for blogging and once I was off one day, I was off the rest of the week. I felt a little crazy not doing anything but I'm back on track and have my schedule set. I also read this opposing but powerful post. It made me realize everything I write here, whether it's a fun review, a post about Max, or a link to a recipe, I'd love to do this all for you. The emails and comments I get tell me I'm on the right track. I have no idea how else to give back when I'm trying to nurture myself, but it's a path I'd love to be on. 

Have a great weekend!