Moving Day

MovingDay Today is Moving Day for my blog. I moved from Live Journal to Blogger to Wordpress and I think my permanent home will be Squarespace. Wordpress has been a great learning tool, but I mostly learned I didn't like it :P

After much research, Squarespace is where I originally wanted to move but my little blog couldn't afford it. Thanks to you, dear readers, for clicking on my affiliate links, it's able to house my new home for my blog. I mean, it's not enough to quit my job, but just enough to pay for what I truly love to do, blog.

Thank you and here's to 2013.

Oh You Fancy Huh?

I'm a sucker for box subscriptions. I think it's normally a great deal of items you love grouoped together, delivered to your door. I signed up for The Fancy subscription and I was so happy with the first box. You have a choice of men's, women's, kids, pets, gadgets, home, sports and outdoors or workspace. You can change the category anytime, but you can't return the product. It's $30 for the box. I knew it was worth it when I opened the box and a Hello fleece sweater from Hello Merch was inside. For the sweater alone it's $35.



I think it's a fun subscription and I'm introduced to new brands to support. You can sign up HERE!

Vivi Dot x Our City Lights x

Everytime I talk to Molly of Vivi Dot, I'm reminded she believed in me and was one of my biggest supporters. She runs a successful business and for my photos to be a part of her business was huge honor. We had a blast putting together the photos for the Polaroid necklaces and over those two years, her business has blown up. Not only does she now offer custom necklaces, but they are now being sold on Modcloth. I couldn't be more proud of Molly, even if our necklaces weren't included. Go, Molly!! Check out both necklaces here. I think they'd make perfect gifts or stocking stuffers :)

Greedy Wishlist 2012

Greedy Wishlist 2012

Wishlists are fleeting for me, but these are the things I’ve had my eye on throughout the year. It sounds silly but wanting things makes me feel guilty. It doesn’t help that I have ridiculous taste. So let’s hope Santa can smooth out that detail by getting a thing or two on the list for me. From my 2010 and 2011 wish lists.

1. Dusen Dusen from Emerging Thoughts- This dress is not only made in the USA, but sold from NYC from one of my favorite shops, Emerging Thoughts. It's one of those dresses that goes with leggings, lounging, or you can dress up with colored tights.

2. Darling Magazine Issue 2- Darling Magazine is uplifting magazine for women with compelling articles and images- it's such a beautiful magazine to look at and have on your shelf.

3. Del Toro x The Man Repeller II Goofy Face Slippers- I have a thing for ugly flats. These are adorable in their own merit, but they're so ugly, too. If you're familiar with this blog, anything limited edition I automagically want.

4. Splendid LA Grapefruit Body Butter- I've had my eye on this all Summer, and with the cooler weather, this would be a treat to have after a warm shower. Plus the ingredients are safe for my sensitive skin, and the simple packaging wouldn't look so bad if I forgot to put it away.

5. Lisa Romero/Paperbullet Throw Pillow in Color- I've known artist Lisa Romero over the past couple years and I've seen her grow as an artist. I was lucky enough to get a couple prints she sent me but I think it's time to upgrade my art collection to pillow throws. This would be perfect for any room in the house.

6. Instagram Print by Everydayiscaturday- If you don't follow Shadia on Instagram, what a shame. Her photos literally make me happy. Like there is something in her Instagram photos that jolt my endorphins. I'm loving this print from her for my kitchen. I have the perfect spot where we make and enjoy coffee.

7. Karen Kimmel Studio Stocking in Silver- I've never had a beautiful stocking. I see them in magazines, on Pinterest, but I've yet to own one. This one would last for years. It's subtle enough to not take away the attention from my pink Christmas tree but will look great on the mantle.

For more wishlists, I shared my gadget wishlist for Gadchick here and participated in Bubby and Bean's Blogger Wishlist here.

Thanks for letting me share my Greedy Wishlist! I'd love to read yours if you link it below.


After years of fiddling with Adobe Elements 5, I finally upgraded to 11. I don't have any use for CS6, I'm by no means a designer, at all. I'll never claim to be but I do miss using Pugly Pixel's blog accessories. After upgrading to a different computer, v5 would slow down my computer and I felt limited to use it. I rarely spend money on software, but since it's something I've really missed doing, I think it's worth it. Plus I trust the blogging ladies who are endorsing Elements. adobe11

I feel like this is one of the things I really felt holding me back. Once you have the tools to blog, it really helps you create, even if it's glitter fonts (!!!)

You can get Elements 11 here.

Small Business Saturday: Emerging Thoughts

I have a Locals Only section, and as much as I love my community to support, there’s also online shops from friends and family. Lauren runs a clothing site, Emerging Thoughts. The past year I've researched on how to be a better consumer, and what companies to support. Emerging Thoughts is an American company carrying indie designers, mostly American-made and designed. Lauren is one of the easiest women to work with when it comes to business (and just easy to talk to all around). I was also featured on their blog on why small business at the end is really the biggest business you can support. My inner entomologist is loving their Bumblebee Hair pins.

emerging buzz

emerging thug 3

Emerging buzz

Emerging Thug

There's a giveaway of these Bumblebee Hair pins on Instagram. Be sure to follow Emerging Thoughts here.

Small Business Saturday: Danny Brito

I have a Locals Only section, and as much as I love my community to support, there’s also online shops from friends and family. Danny Brito has has been mentioned so many times on this blog, I'm surprised I didn't make an honorary category for him yet. I have a few prints from Danny Brito (along with his book) and after watching him grow as an artist and online friend over the past couple years (which is like a decade in internet speak), his business is one that will always have my support. I recently purchased a Margot Tenenbaum clutch and I love it. Not only does it have one of my favorite prints from Danny, but it's well made and organizes what I need.

Danny Brito Purse 4

Danny Brito Purse 3

Danny Brito Purse 2

Danny Brito Purse

You can get your own Danny Brito piece here.

Since my phone case is equally cute, I should mention it's from Mandy Bryant.

Small Business Saturday: Tumbleweeds Hand Craft


I have a Locals Only section, and as much as I love my community to support, there's also online shops from friends and family. One of them is Tumbleweeds Hand Craft. I ordered a couple pair of glasses, and got a jar of lavender marshmallows from Beca. I've worked with her on Gadchick, she was a contributor for our photography issue, in case her name sounds familiar. The ones I liked best from her glasses were the round pair.


don't be jealous of my mad photoshop skills

sugar and wood
sugar and wood3

it was really good in hot chocolate

I don't think the marshmallows are sold yet, but you can keep up with news here.

Sweater Weather

Let’s get the Blogger FTC disclosure out of the way- this is a sponsored post from GigaSavvy and I was asked to review a coat of my choosing. I have a really hard time finding a coat. I don't like anything too trendy, but I also want something that fits and flatters my curves, any small amount of bulky fabric makes a big difference when I feel like I have enough "bulk". I found this Nine West Coat. It's warm enough to wear alone, but cool enough for a California winter. What I loved best about this coat were the details. It was pure wool, but the contrast stitching, the buttons, the strong collar, the rouched back, and of course, the color block (is this still a thing? I hope so because I don't want this trend to go). The two colors are completely neutral alone, but together, they make a perfect combo to go with anything.




coat 6

I wore this to the Hollywood Bowl and I got a few compliments. However, when I wore it out to run errands, I've never been approached by so many women, and yeah it was flattering but I'm really awkward and shy so. They were all surprised at the brand, and especially the price. It looks like a rich coat, and something I'll be wearing for many cozy cool days. Thank you, GigaSavvy!



Disneyland Paris

I'm breaking up my trip to Paris in parts, and then realized Disneyland had enough photos to overwhelm anyone.   Some other photos of Disneyland Paris are here. I don't have Florida or any other Disneyland park to compare to, but Europeans really took the best of what made the park and left behind what didn't work. When you visit Disneyland Anaheim for the first time, it's magical (and crowded) but being a passholder for the past 15 years, I noticed the magic has been lost over the years. I thought it was because I grew up and knew what was behind that character in a suit, or behind the computer generated rides. Disneyland Paris really restored it.  They made you feel like you were really in a magical place. We went in March, where the park was just opening up from Winter. Some rides were closed due to construction and we missed the opening of them by a couple days! Darn it, we'll just have to come back!

more photos on Facebook