I Love You, Palate Polish

I would never imagine to put nail polish and food together but Ainsley does it and it’s one of my favorite beauty products. Palate Polish is the hybrid of Ainsley’s love for food, and getting her nails done. With names like Beet Juice, Avocado, and Black Coffee, Palate Polish has cheeky names to match your Instagram foodie pics. Plus It's 5-free (no toluene, formaldehyde, dibutyl phthalate, formaldehyde resin and camphor). PP is vegan, never tested on animals, made in the US. I remember when Ainsley began working on the project months ago and she took the time to choose the bottles, design her logo, and as a regular customer of PP, I can say it was worth the wait. I’m supporting a friend, a business growing in the US, and I love the product. My favorite color is Gold Gumdrop, I can add a couple coats for a subtle look or layer it to make it look like glitter grows on me instead of nails. 

She is offering ourcitylights readers a free polish just in time for Valentine’s Day- buy two get one FREE polish of your choice with code weloveyou. Offer good until Valentine’s Day. 

Palate Polish shop, and Instagram 

I Love You, A Beautiful Mess Photoshop Actions

I can't stop playing with ABM's new Photoshop actions and I love them. Here are some favorites

My absolute favorite combo so far is the Celeste from the Fresh Collection with the Pomegranate at a lower opacity. It was a little overwhelming for me at first, but there's a great tutorial here on how to get started. Now I can't step away from my computer and I have a new love for editing my photos. 

On top of working on my blog, I also style photos for companies and shops. I used the filters with Nicole on her new product, the handmade felt flower ampersand from her Felt Flower Shop. She's the first person I tested these treatments with and she loved them. I highly recommend these to step up your filter game. This would great in engagement or wedding photos or even a birth announcement (sorry, kids, this isn't a birth announcement). My husband also made a great prop! Thanks, Scotty! <3

You can buy the ampersand here and check out the Photoshop actions here. 

Pink Projecteo

I've had sunglasses, a bracelet and now a Instagram projector designed for me. I feel so honored with the relationships i've made with the most creative folks. I've mentioned Projecteo many times and all the projects involved with them (ICYMI, they're here, here, here, here, and here. Can you tell I love them?) The look on my face would have been picture worthy when I opened up the package I received from them- a custom PINK Projecteo! I feel so so honored. The current wheel I have for my projector is memories of Max and I will always treasure it, they hold a special place on my shelf. Projecteo is a great team I love working with and they were so so encouraging and patient when Max died. Most sponsors bailed (yes, as in see ya later!) and didn't wait, but they were so sweet. I can't praise them enough! Thank you, Projecteo!! 

It fits perfectly with my pink camera collection, too! 

I Love You, Converse Shoreline

After looking everywhere online for a decent review on the Shoreline design of Converse, I was frustrated I couldn't find one. This is for the person, like me, out there looking, here you go! 

I'm not going to go into the painful details of being 7 months pregnant and trying to bend over to tie your shoes. I also won't go into the visual details of how swollen my feet are. So when I saw Converse made a shoe that's easier to slip on, I wanted to try it. The reviews on different websites and YouTube told me the same thing- they were canvas, cute, and comfortable. What I really wanted to know was did I have to break them in, was the sizing different and can my huge feet fit in them right now? 


The laces are pre-tied and have a lycra material to them, for when the canvas expands, so will the rest of the shoe.


The elastic back has enough give to feel comfortable as soon as you slip them on.  


During the really swollen summer days, I wasn't sure if that small elastic on the back was enough but I discovered more stretch! I swear these are like yoga pants for your feet.


There were a lot of poor reviews on the sizing. I've always worn a size 7 (men's 5) in these classic cuts, but I took my chances. Even with comfy socks, the 7 fits as if they were made for me, painful edema and all. 


I like pieces of clothing that go with everything in my wardrobe. I don't have to think about my Speedy bag, I just grab it and go and even when wearing all black (yeah, I wear all black even for summer, judge away) they still look great.  

You can get your own Shoreline pair here or here!  

I Love You, Splendid LA

I love Splendid LA and Karen Kimmel Studios, a collab of craft, and clothing.  I've had the opportunity to work with KKS recently and they were awesome. Back in October, I was sent a care package full of amazing Splendid LA digs. From their reusable tote, to 3 of their 1X1 cotton tanks, and what are now my favorite hair ties. I'm embarrassed I never had a chance to take photos of the items sooner, but so happy I finally did.  

If you're not familiar with Splendid LA, they are the epitome of Los Angeles. They are sunny, fun, and comfortable. They're made in the USA, and I've yet to see a photo on their Instagram feed I can't love. They have the most vivid and fun feed of inspiration, color, and just all around joy. 

the cotton tanks are so soft. I need anything I can to get comfortable right now and these are amazing. 

the cotton tanks are so soft. I need anything I can to get comfortable right now and these are amazing. 

they even have their own colored pencils!

they even have their own colored pencils!

splendid 8.jpg
Splendid LA 1.jpg
splendid la.jpg

I was also gifted $150 in Splendid cash, and they make baby clothes. This baby will be spoiled in Splendid. Thank you so much! More photos here

You can follow them on Pinterest, Instagram and Twitter.

FTA Blogger Disclosure- I was sent this merchandise without the expectation of blogging about it. Splendid LA and KKS are just genuine amazing companies I love to share and work with. 

I Love You, Hello Merch

I ordered two of these cozy pullovers from Hello Merch a few weeks ago for myself and one for Scott. I kept it from Scott to open on Christmas. The next few days, all I heard was "Let me borrow it". That wasn't going to happen because my uniform the past few days have been warm leggings out of the dryer and this incredibly cozy sweater. It's become one of his favorites already. It's 100% cotton (win for me because synthetic fibers and I don't get along), and extra soft. It's the perfect California Winter sweater or great with layered for extra warmth. You can order other colors here. He was a trooper for modeling, too. Thanks, Scotty <3 Hello_hi




I Love You, Rivet&Sway

Some women have shoes, jewelry, or handbags to accessorize. I have tattoos and glasses. The first thing people notice may be your outfit but the one they'll mostly remember is your face. No, I don't have tattoos on my face but I do wear different glasses often. I discovered Rivet and Sway on Pinterest. I've had it on my wishlist for months and couldn't wait to order them. Navigating their site was easy, and even if I knew which pair to order, I still wanted to check out what they have. I ordered the Neapolitan Punchline. They were quick to reply by email and contact my optometrist office that hour. After contacting me for my PD number, I was surprised I wasn't asked to pay extra for my legally blind prescription. I normally pay up to $30 extra for high-lens index (also known as, not having coke bottle glasses fee) for other popular glasses companies. My fee was included, along with a friendly banter of emails with the service rep. I have blogged about other companies either for sponsorships or just because I truly loved them. When I do find a company I have a great experience with, it's something I want to share with everyone. Rivet and Sway is one company I really love and I hope you guys have the same experience I had. Plus, how beautiful is their packaging?! Untitled



I really love them Untitled


$50 OFF

Rivet and Sway loved the post (thanks, guys!!!) and are offering $50 OFF with any purchase of glasses you love, including prescription, with code DIANASWAYS (how cool!) If you get your new specs from this blog post, send me a link and I'd love to check it out.

I Love You, Goodebox


UPDATE: I don't use Goodebox anymore. I wasn't happy with the products and my skin is too sensitive to mess with mostly creams and makeup. I still recommend this for if looking for an alternative to other beauty boxes. 

Birchbox doesn't need an intro, but I wanted an alternative to the commercial makeup out there. I don't want to get all preachy on sustainable products but it's not just to help out Mother Earth, but also to use beauty products without parabens and harsh chemicals. I signed up for Goodebox, an eco and sometimes vegan friendly company similar to Birchbox. I usually have to order makeup online and if I don't like it, I'm stuck with it. I love the productsI've used in the past, but honestly, a woman needs variety and playing with makeup shouldn't be lost just because it has chemicals I don't agree with. Goodebox makes trying out brands I've read about or brands I'd never try myself so much easier. For $16 a month, it's worth it, folks.

I don't want to bore you with an intro on each sample- but I wasn't disappointed, everything was great!  My favorite was the sunscreen, All Natural True SPF 40. I chronically want to protect my investment (tattoos!) and my skin of course, but I hate how slimy it is. I've ruined a few silk blouses from doing this but this particular brand was amazing and I'm buying the full size when I'm out.


The only thing I didn't like was the color of the lipgloss. My actual lips felt amazing but my olive skin looked awful with the color "champagne". I didn't get to choose the color and it was randomly selected according to the information in the box. I was so happy with the Weleda Day and Night Creams, those alone were worth it.

You can sign up here!

I Love You, Hallelujah

Hallelujah by Leonard Cohen is the most beautiful song I've ever heard. It's dark, inspiring and at the same time uplifting, morose, joyful, and ever feeling that contradicts itself. I can write a thesis on how I feel about this song, but it sings for itself. It's on Cohen's 1984 Various Positions. I think normally in order to appreciate Leonard Cohen it's an acquired taste but Hallelujah is a song everyone can love. I mean, even Susan Boyle covered it (yes, that Susan Boyle). I've read so many versions and opinions on what the song is about, but my take on it is the stories are inspired by women of the Bible. Cohen, from what I've read, isn't exactly a Christian artist and I understand this isn't a Christian song, but growing up in a Christian home, I could pinpoint the lyrics of the song to a Biblical story.

I loved the song so much, I made a playlist on rdio on everyone who has ever covered it. My favorite version is Jeff Buckley's version. Is there a version you love?


(If you're reading this in email, jump out to listen).

i love you, old friend

New Bike
Scott and I got new bikes for Christmas. I used to ride everyday, and then I just stopped. I haven't blogged bikes or ridden in a couple years. This isn't a resolution, it'll be like visiting an old friend.

{if you're an email subscriber, jump out to watch the vid} Enik from Hello Family on Vimeo.
  Life is like riding a bicycle. To keep your balance you must keep moving- Albert Einstein