Beautiful Things: Rifle Paper Co. x Garance Doré 'Go' Notebooks

Sometimes I have things around the house that are so beautiful, they need to be shared. I just picked up the Rifle Paper Co. x Garance Doré 'Go' Notebooks and they are almost too cool to use but they are so beautiful, it calls for pen to match the blank paper inside. Rifle Paper Co., American artists Anna and Nathan Bond collaborated with Garance Doré, a French artist. The individual companies are both known for their vintage inspired art work and together they make a dreamy team. Buy it here (aff) or here (non-aff). 

Questions Answered!

As much as I love taking food pics, I know not everyone on my personal Instagram account wants to see them. I made an account (@veggie_bombshell) just for healthy food--from tools I use, before and after pics, the food I eat, what staples are in my fridge and pantry, etc. My main goal on this account was to document Whole30. Now that I'm not doing Whole30, I don't post as often but I'll be doing it more often now that I've cleaned off my table and cleaned my kitchen (ha). 

I asked if there were any questions you had about weight loss, and I should clarify I'm not a doctor, I'm not a therapist, I'm not an expert in any way. I did lose 70 lbs in 6 months before I got pregnant but that doesn't validate my advice because I gained it back after labor. I’m not any stronger when it comes to food, there is no secret. There’s no magical motivational pill, there’s no will power that I was blessed with. I’m seriously just a woman who loves food so much. So much. Every day I try, some days I fail, but ultimately, I keep going, but I'm no different than you. I hope the answers below motivate some of you (and remind me to keep going, too). 

Here are your weight loss questions answered!

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A Disney Christmas in August

In January, Scott and I took a mini getaway to Disneyland. It was when I was still in a wheelchair but I didn't want to miss the magic Disneyland has to offer around Christmas. It was the last weekend of Christmas decor and we stayed at California Adventure Hotel. For Christmas I got a Hello Kitty Fuji Instax camera and some great Disney and Sanrio film, it was the perfect time to use them. You can find the Disney film here and the Sanrio film here

I'm so used to a Polaroid camera, I'm not familiar with the Fuji settings and some of the film came out overexposed but I still love the effect. Find more on flickr

Friday Darlings

remember these?? I miss posting these, I'd love to regularly keep up with these again 

Every Friday I have a weekly collection of things I find darling. 

+ I finally decided to get back on tumblr. I couldn't remember my old password and email for my original one, so I started over fresh with a new one. It's a mix of my love for comics, TV, Marvel (mostly MCU), Pietro Maximoff from AOU (I'm a happily married woman but oh my ovaries!! ), Mindy Kaling and music. It's a great place to find new comics, Marvel news, and Netflix's Daredevil gifs, a random corner of the internet I can't find on Pinterest or Instagram (and won't be judged too much).  Follow here.

+ Are you worried about what you should be doing? Me too. This article helped

+ How baseball made (one of my favorite writers) a Haruki Murakami writer.

+ 8 Things Every Person Should Do Before 8am. 

+ 100% THIS

+ The Oral History of the Movie Clueless

+ I watched Xiu Xiu play a few years ago in LA and now they're the perfect band for playing David Lynch's Twin Peaks music. Listen here

+ The perfect reading soundtrack according to Bustle. 

+ Did you become what you always wanted to be

Happy Friday!! 

Another LBD

I have enough black dresses but every now and then I come across one that stands out. Any black dress could be perfect for summer but this particular City Chic dress (via Gwynnie Bee) not only has a lightweight fabric, but it has POCKETS. I've recently discovered dresses with pockets and it's the next best thing to a quesadilla (the pockets are even deep enough to hide a quesadilla). 

Glasses- Jack and Norma in Chai. Lace camisole- Hanky Panky via Nordstrom. Denim jacket- Gap  (this similar one is one sale). Dress- City Chic via Gwynnie Bee. Shoes- J.Crew via second hand. Bag- Phillip Lim Medium Pashli via Nordstrom. Bracelets- Kate Spade and The Flourish Leather

Summer 2015 Favorites

Let's take a look back at summer 2015

Favorite Instagram account is @meanzchan. I've been following her for some time and her photos have evolved into beautiful dreamy images. She is a photographer and creative, and I love her portraits of beautiful women. She captures an allure in their faces I would love to see in myself. 

Favorite music Purity Ring Another Eternity. Lately I've been listening to a lot of music that sounds like it belongs in a video game. Lots of electronica and"dream pop"- kind of like electronica meets ethereal dreamy music. Another Eternity is the perfect combination of these. Purity Ring's first album, Shrines, was more of a dance vibe, this is such a great follow up- a little calmer with their signature synth pop. My favorite tracks are "bodyache" and "begin again". 

Favorite book is A Little Life by Hanya Yanagihara. I have a stack of books I got for free from BookCon from June and I can't wait to read them (I made the list of the books pictured here) but A Little Life has taken me months to finish. It's one of the most heartbreaking and depressing books I've ever read and of course, I love it so far.

Favorite moment was NYC in June. I went to BookCon and BookExpo, conferences dedicated to BOOKS! I met Mindy Kaling and I walked out with a suitcase full of free books. 

Here's to Fall Favorites!

Summer Wishlist: Moorea Seal Shop

Moorea Seal sat in my living room a couple years ago and told me a vision she was building- a brick and mortar shop of her online items. I loved the idea, and I always encourage friends to go for what they want. Little did I know her dream would not only come true, but now she's added a larger space to it, and has even added a bridal section to it. On a personal level, I'm so proud of her. On a consumer level, she has the coolest items I'd love to have in my own space. I've purchased a few items from her and the shipping and packaging are like Christmas. 

1. Dicarlo Hat in gray.  Everyone looks great in hats, you just have to find the best one for you. Wide brim hats are universal and a bonus if they're in a neutral color. This will look great not just in summer but all year. 

2. Gold Scallops Tumbler. This cup would be perfect to display my makeup brushes. 

3. I Can, I Will. I love these notebooks. This is all the motivation I need to fill the blank pages with an "I Did". 

4. Broken Lines Tote. Handmade leather tote with hand painted lines on it. It's a cute bag with a little kitsch and bonus it goes with everything in your closet. Even leopard print, right??

5. Make A Wish Match Box. Lighting a candle, a birthday cake or just lighting a match when yelling at your husband when he doesn't open the window after using the guest bathroom, this cute matchbox is done in style. 

6. Confetti Tape-I would love to use this to add to my daily planner. 

7. Coconut Milk Bath Soak- The directions for this are "inhale deeply and enjoy". Taking a bath should be on everyone's to do list and the world would be a much less stressful place. 

8. White Metallic Confetti Bomb- Are you celebrating a wedding? A promotion? A bad break up? An engagement? For the rest of us, celebrate a Monday morning with a confetti bomb! 

+ Shop more Moorea Seal here

Mint Ice Cream

This dress is the closest thing to ice cream lately. I have a terrible relationship with dairy. It's painful and I know what will happen if I have it (I'll spare you the details) but I still have it because it's so darn delicious. National Ice Cream Day was last week and this dress came in a little late but I think I can still enjoy it. It's stretchy, comfy and it has ICE CREAM CONES on it. 

Ice cream dress from Gwynnie Bee, handmade bead necklace from Jen Loves Kev, bracelet from Flourish Leather, pink converse from Nordstrom but they're no longer available in pink but they are available in MINT! (my review of these here), Bite Beauty in Lilac, Rivet and Sway glasses in Pink Layer Cake

Fun Facts About Flamingos (An Outfit Post)

+ A flock of flamingos is called a flamboyance.

+ The word flamingo comes from the Latin word flamenco, which means fire, referring to the birds bright feathers. 

+ Don Featherstone of Massachusetts invented the pink plastic lawn flamingo in 1957 and died on National Pink Day. What a great way to go. 

+ Their pink feathers come from eating so much beta carotene in their diet. 

+ Their feathers underneath are black and can only be seen when in flight. 

Dress from Gwynnie Bee, Sam Edelman Felicia flats in Wide (sooo comfy!). This dress feels a little va-va-voom so I try to stay away from over accessorizing it too much. Cleavage is enough of an attention getter, ya know? 

Hello Kitty in NYC

2 subway rides, 1 hour long walk and a very exhausted but worthy trip to see the Hello Kitty statue! Sebastian Masuda is the artist behind the translucent larger than life sized Hello Kitty. Right around the corner was also Nishida Sho-ten, a highly recommended ramen restaurant. I ordered the ramen with the dumpling soup and it was amazing. Ramen and Hello Kitty in NYC made me feel like a little part of what my heaven would look like. The Hello Kitty installation is located on 47th and Second Ave until September 13.